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Writing Garbage or Inspiration?

Everyone encourages us to write every day so we, the unpublished writers, follow the advice of the published authors, prepare to write, and then sit at our desks ready for the juices to flow. 114 more words


Are Words in Your Arsenal?

Words are not merely text on a page…or a conglomeration of ideas that are the foundation of stories. They are living entities that are powerful and carry massive weight. 184 more words

Reflecting Refracted Light

What we ever receive is only a mere refraction of what The Giver has to offer~ We can, however, enlarge our capacity to receive more of the offering. 275 more words

Focusing Faith

My need for glasses and contacts started while I was in elementary school. To correct the problem, my doctor had me look through a variety of lenses and then like focusing a camera, he helped me to once again see clearly. 385 more words


He's Unchangeable...I'm Changeable

Some days I take two steps back and one step forward or maybe even three steps back and one step forward. Frustrated that I cannot always move forward. 310 more words


To Write or Not

Writing, as easy as a stroll on the beach, or as difficult as pulling the words from mid-air.

Some days I sit and stare at the screen. 77 more words


As Big As The Universe

How big should I dream?

I asked of God

Your dream should fill all the spaces of the sky

However big of a dream your heart can contain… 112 more words