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July 11 ~ Today in Music History

• 1768 ~ Jose Melchior de Nebra Blascu, Composer, died at the age of 66

• 1781 ~ Adolph Carl Kunzen, Composer, died at the age of 60… 535 more words



BARITONE ROBERT Merrill must have been a hoot as well as a Metropolitan Opera stalwart from 1945 to 1976. Well, there was the time in 1951 when the Met’s high-toned impresario Sir Rudolf Bing got ticked off when Merrill played Bill Merridew in the musical comedy flick, … 613 more words

And Furthermore...

considerable intelligence

“I am asked to hear many who have voices with promise of beauty, but who have obviously not the intelligence necessary to take up a career, for it does require considerable intelligence to succeed in opera, in spite of opinions to the contrary expressed by many.” 10 more words


El Interpretante: El Talento

Mexico City, Mexico.

Jorge Hernandez Antonio Barba / @Metalfka

Mi padre era Marciale Sisca, editor de la FOLLIA DE N.Y.
(periódico de la comunidad italiana) 111 more words

El Interpretante

March 18, 1902: Italian Tenors Are a Lire a Dozen

Tenor Enrico Caruso recorded ten arias for the Gramophone & Typewriter Company in Milan, Italy. He was paid 100 pounds sterling, and was not required to do any typing. 166 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Filming Enrico Caruso's "Vocal Organs" (1915)

Caruso hamming it up for the Universal camera crew and 1915’s version of the Paparazzi, from Motion Picture World (March 13, 1915). We have no idea whether the close-up of his “vocal organs” has survived.

78 And Other Disc Records

Two guys and a gal: "The Pearl Fishers"

I was happy to see that the Metropolitan Opera’s lineup for the 2015-2016 season includes Georges Bizet’s Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers) which has not been seen at the Met since Enrico Caruso, Giuseppe De Luca, and Frieda Hempl sang it in 1916. 465 more words