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We Look For the Vampires That Exist Inside Us

I am at the head of this expedition about which we have all dreamed at some point, and, among my memories is hearing the Italian writer Antonio Tabucchi say that, in a way, literature is like a message in a bottle (or like those messages pinned on the bulletin board in Peter’s Bar), because literature needs a recipient too; and so, just as we know that someone, some unknown person, will read our shipwrecked sailor’s message, we also know that someone will read our literary writings: someone who is not so much the intended recipient as an accomplice, insofar as he or she is the one who will give meaning to our writing. 58 more words


VAMPIRE IN LOVE: In Conversation with Margaret Jull Costa about Translating Enrique Vila-Matas’ Short Stories

Enrique Vila-Matas, Vampire in Love, short stories collected and translated by Margaret Jull Costa (And Other Stories, November 2016)

by Delaina Haslam

Vampire in Love… 1,638 more words


Vampire in Love

In ‘Permanent Home’, the first story in Vampire in Love, the narrator listens to a death-bed confession from his father – “you should know your mother died because I arranged it.” As the story progresses, the son begins to suspect that his father is not being entirely truthful, in the end responding with the remark, “You are clearly confusing me with someone else. 782 more words

Enrique Vila-matas

Saya Berhasil Membaca 100 Buku Setahun, Terus?

Seperti Jisoo yang bisa melayang di udara, berkat banyak membaca pun membuat saya terbang. Terbang tinggi menjadi seorang ‘literary snob’. Seorang snob sendiri berarti  orang yang suka menghina dan meremehkan orang lain yang dianggap lebih rendah daripadanya; orang yang merasa dirinya lebih pintar daripada orang lain. 651 more words

Esai Buku

Two Lines: Fall Issue

Two Lines Press has come out with a new anthology of world writing in translation, their Fall 2016 Issue. My favorite piece in this book is the first, “Sea Swell” by Enrique Vila-Matas, translated from Spanish by Margaret Jull Costa. 288 more words

Bolaño o los escritores de antes, Enrique Vila-Matas

Le conocí a Bolaño justo cuando salía de esa etapa de infinitos domingos en los que se había ido forjando su salvaje ánimo, le conocí al final de ese prodigioso año donde algunas cosas acababan justo de dar un vuelco para él y para su familia, ese año que empezó con Seix Barral publicándole… 787 more words


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Sophie Calle & Co.

The sensation that has lingered from an artist’s talk Sophie Calle gave at the School of Visual Arts in New York years ago is the thrilling suspicion that she was quite effortlessly bluffing her way through much of it. 2,475 more words