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Cameron must address reparations in Jamaica today

David Cameron is due to arrive in Jamaica today for a three-day visit amid pressure from JA’s politicians and academics to address the issue of reparations for enslavement. 751 more words


David Cameron and his Ignorance Actually moment

David Cameron’s riposte to Russia’s “small island” jibe against Britain has been described as his ‘Love Actually moment’ but apart from the Prime Minister’s jingoistic and entirely false claim that Britons had “invented most of the things worth inventing” his comment that Britain had “abolished slavery” caught my eye, not least because the previous day I had visited an exhibition paying homage to those at the forefront of abolishing enslavement… Africans themselves. 930 more words


No-one remembers old Tony Martin

I learnt of the death of the African history scholar Professor Tony Martin last week. Dr Martin was a renowned authority on Hon Marcus Mosiah Garvey – who was famously honoured by the immortal Burning Spear tune No One Remembers Old Marcus Garvey. 874 more words

Lee Jasper

Why was slavery excluded from the Olympic ceremony?

Danny Boyle’s history lesson in British history had some glaring omissions at the London Olympic ceremony last night. Granted, it would be impossible to include everything but considering that profits from the slave ‘trade’ fuelled the industrial revolution it was worth a mention, surely? 305 more words


We are Joe Bloggs, Christopher Alder and Trayvon Martin

One detail about the Trayvon Martin killing that escaped the headlines was the fact that he was labeled as “John Doe” in the morgue for three days while his parents fretted about their son’s mysterious disappearance. 1,180 more words


Harry Plotter and the Prisoners of St Helena

Prince Harry’s visit to the Caribbean and south America is a Buckingham Palace PR triumph par excellence. But as with all PR we must look beyond the advert to scrutinise the product being flogged, and it is a product well past its’ sell-by date and one tainted by a bloody history. 785 more words


Africa's first dictator

Meet Africa’s first dictator. Sir Percy Anderson, the head of the British government’s insensitively-named Slave Trade department, wielded breathtaking power. 1,154 more words