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i Need To Do More To Please GODDESS AMETHYST

i will never rest in pursuit of pleasing GODDESS AMETHYST! There are many ways i strive to please HER! This blog is one small one. i work to find out more about HER so i can please HER even more! 19 more words


What's Wrong With You?

Well, I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you. It happens to be the same thing that’s wrong with me. This crazy, random thing that we have in common is called… 943 more words


In Sheep’s Clothing: Using Religion to Camouflage Pain

Occasionally, a newspaper report comes out that is so horrifying, so disruptive of inner peace, that it demands re-posting. The front-page New York Times report today on the sexual enslavement of women and girls by the group calling themselves ISIS is one such journalistic event. 724 more words

Black Labels

Even in todays society we are enslaved and ripped away from out heritage and culture by white women. Everything we are and everything we stand for is labeled bad and stereotypical white women do the same and are called trendsetters. 7 more words


ANARCHY: "To See the Farm is to Leave It!"

I thought I had posted these two excellent videos before, but evidently not.

Watch! Listen! Learn! Awaken! Set Your Self Free!

Kit Kirja – YouTube.

Stefan Molyneux – YouTube.

Political/Social Issues

Paying a Spiritual Price to Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck

As a former employee of the banking industry for six years, the insurance industry for twelve years, and medical industry for two years, I can honestly say for me and many others there is a spiritual price to pay for working jobs hat while they offer a much-needed income and health benefits and 401K plans. 503 more words

Caste System