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The August 5 by Jenna Helland

Although listed as teens, this read much more like a middle grade book – complete with heavy handed sermonizing/moralizing and a very abrupt happy ending. For what we have is a fantasy with serious messages about white European colonization of the 18th and 19th century. 972 more words


I know how cold and warm it is, because I feel it.  I know the chill of white supremacy, and the warmth of compassion from those who treasure multicultural people. 683 more words


Additional Insight to Common Core...

This means that those individuals that we see in our environment who are very well spoken, bright, clever, and able to easily memorize information about most everything of this physical plane , are very often Intelack type personalities, and they have no idea they are Intelack type people; instead, they “think” they are superior human beings, and often “think” of themselves as special and even elite among mankind. 330 more words

Special Education

Destitute man walks across 2,500km of China's remote terrain to escape slavery at brick kiln -- China vowed to destroy this slavery in 2007

By Ellis Liang
South China Morning Post

The man, Li, walked 2,500km along an expressway, from Urumqi in China’s far west, to the central city of Xianyang, near Xian. 270 more words

July Issue of the BookIsh Plaza eZine now online!

The July issue is out now! Featured this time:

–  Summer Caribbean Reading Tips.
–  Heilbron Collection Discloses Decolonial Literature .
–  First major comic  about the Dutch history of slavery. 15 more words