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Thought For the Day: Dare To Reason And Escape Bigotry and Foolishness To Be Free

“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.” – Lord Byron, poet (22 Jan 1788-1824)

Thought For The Day

The Story of Your Enslavement | Stefan Molyneux [video]

In this relatively short video, Stefan makes a very long and complex story concise and easily understood. The video has over 6.5 million views since 2010 so that may provide an indication as to just how good it is. 26 more words

The Shifting Reality

Happy Easter

It was one year ago a someone, who was very curious about erotic hypnosis and enslavement under my beloved Owner Domina Shelle, contacted me. Besides wanted my opinion and then a bit of guidance he noticed a somewhat he called dominant streak within me and urged me to become a Superior for him to. 166 more words

Domina Shelle

Slaughter Rituals Come From Satan Within

The Gods look unfavorably upon those who brutally enslave, torture and slaughter animals meant to roam free on this earth.

Humans pay through disease and misfortune all their lives for these egregious acts of hatred. 98 more words


What Is STRAWMAN? Documentary Takes You Into The Nature Of The Cage - Strawman

***Please read before watching *** (It has come to our attention that the getoutofdebtfree.org website featured in the documentary is no longer available in the form presented within the film. 452 more words


Subliminized - Deep Insertion

my beloved Domina Shelle did release a new file called “Subliminized – Deep Insertion“. i have to admit i have no real clue about the content. 174 more words

Domina Shelle