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When the Lives of Colonial Women Would Have Been Enviable

So much time in class has been spent analyzing the lives of colonial women that it’s easy to forget that there was a group coexisting with even less agency. 563 more words

Love; the Only Force to Tear Enslavement

Incongruity and transgressions are repetitive, heavy, and becoming.
Everything is perilous and frantic;
Yet an internal faith emerge and glistens with assurance.
How precious it is to provoke such rapture; 163 more words
Soul Quest

SATMAR - Keep the Women Uneducated and Keep Them Chained.

The New York Times

In Brooklyn, Stifling Higher Learning Among Hasidic Women


In the mid-1940s, Joel Teitelbaum, an eminent and charismatic rabbi, immigrated to the United States, colonizing a section of Williamsburg in Brooklyn for his Hasidic sect, 787 more words


A Waste of The Talent of a Generation and Slavery by "Education Day U.S.A."

Enslaving Children By Denying them an Education

We are posting this letter to the editor as an accompaniment to our articles on the subject of enslaving children by denying them an education. 1,153 more words

The Cyclical Circus

The Circus
Masters of Money create
Policies to
Drive Market Economies that
Enslave the
Market through the
Perpetuation of
The Circus

The Masters
Control the… 81 more words


Cruel Designs, Cruel Agendas

Cruel Designs of Cruel Agendas

when the cruel designs
of cruel agendas
coil around our necks
like bloodthirsty pythons
squeezing the marrow
out of our bones. 111 more words