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I’m told that “May you live in interesting times!” was actually an old Chinese curse. I guess seems the Chinese are ill-disposed to excitement. “Soooo,’ I ask my Chinese friend, “what’s happenin’ that’s interesting?” “Nothing,” he answers. 860 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots

Entebbe bound ...

Just a few last minute arrangements and then airport here I come to catch a Qatar Airlines flight for Entebbe via Doha.

Hey, that’s the same Qatar that just got ostracised by the rest of the Gulf states for their support for terrorism. 292 more words

Rahab & Home

No pictures today. It isn’t appropriate.

We left Murchison Falls this morning, stopping first at Masindi and at some point not found on a map to say good bye to our South Sudan friends. 354 more words

Birding Safaris in Uganda by Alpha Adventure Safaris

About Birding safaris

Uganda is arguably the foremost enticing country in Africa to bird watchers. There square measure a decent range of vertebrate species recorded inside the country.The pearl of Africa may be a birders delight wherever nearly 1/2 the bird species in Africa square measure found. 234 more words

Don't s on a self drive in Rwanda

Rental companies do their best to make your time on safari enjoyable,they take all precautions to remove the doughts of why a self drive in… 339 more words


Try avoiding Hidden Charges in Self Drive Schemes in Rwanda/Uganda

After looking at that and ask yourself “have I really rented or purchased the vehicle?” Well, that’s what’s happening with most consumers who rent a car for self drive. 495 more words


Operation Thunderbolt by Saul David

Running title: Operation Thunderbolt – Flight 139 And The Raid On Entebbe Airport, The Most Audacious Hostage Rescue Mission In History.

As a librarian I get to do cool things such as going to conferences or meeting with publishers as they hawk their new wares (namely books). 838 more words

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