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Papyrus Guesthouse, Entebbe

Florian writes:

I am back from my first ever trip to Africa and wanted to let you know how much I liked your Guide and how helpful it was finding my way around in Uganda. 83 more words


Ugoing to Uganda?: The Bad

Now, for the dark side of Uganda.

I want to preface this by saying I adore Uganda.  In fact I will be returning next year.   375 more words


Traffic ballet

To my generation who don’t know Uganda,Entebbe means one thing. Days of tension,anguish ,heat and dehydration and then the storming of the hijacked plane on the runway by Israel.It was a brutal week in a land being schooled in brutality. 286 more words


I remember the first time I saw this bird at TV when I was a child, I found it very weird (well its name explain a lot! 110 more words


The pearl of Africa

Uganda is called “the pearl of Africa”.  I cannot be sure, but I think this is because it is so green.  Green is very nice, but you pay for it with the humidity.   669 more words


A looooong expected meeting

It is Super Bowl Sunday in the states.  Shorlty, my friends will be eating pizza and wings, watching commercials, and hanging out during the half-time show.   354 more words


New Years Eve / Hogmany

Depending on who’s reading!

We had arranged to meet up with our friends, Charlie and Heather for NYE.  They have had a friend visiting, Sally, who was flying home at 0100 on 01/01/2015, so they were committed to being in Entebbe, so we had said we would come through too… We all booked to stay in the same guest house, Colonial Residence.   684 more words