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Just visited Idi Amins's Torture Chambers 😮

Hello to you travelers, this was time to visit Kampala in Uganda. I know I know I still have the video of Frankfurt to publish. I just didn’t have any time to do it, so much travels right now, as soon as I get to Dubai I will upload it. 561 more words


My first flight and the mixed feelings...

For countless times, I’ve always yearned to be on a flight but there’ve been no possibilities of making this happen. Sometimes I was envious of air travelers and I always wished to fly, but this anxiousness kept bewildering me unceasingly until during the final months of last year. 1,662 more words


Searching for the Shoebill

Our wooden motorised canoe sets out from Entebbe across Lake Victoria just after 8am. It’s already humid but the skies are blessedly overcast. We are on our way to the Mabamba Swamps, one hour away, hoping to track down the elusive, rare and extraordinary Shoebill stork. 339 more words

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A Week in Entebbe on a Recap

It’s not actually a week. I’ve only stayed here for 4 days (the arrival day doesn’t count). I think time is ticking a little bit slowly but fast at the same time here. 1,965 more words

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This is Africa (Entebbe, actually)

Dear God, I want to visit Africa one day. But I don’t know when. It’s too expensive. Please make me rich so that I could afford a flight to be on a safari in Africa.

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Oot and Aboot in Kampala

In between the road trips to the north and a few free moments of chilling out in the apartment, I also saw a lot of Kampala and neighbouring Entebbe.  1,264 more words


'First' Time in Africa

It’s been a long time coming but I finally set off for my ‘first’ trip to Africa to visit Uganda and Rwanda. (Yes, I’ve been to Morocco before but more on that later.) After my flight got cancelled due to the plane having 2 flat tires (no, planes don’t carry spares and oddly airports don’t really either), I finally touched down 14 hours later than planned in Entebbe, a town about 35km south of Kampala. 799 more words