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The Wrong Ferry to the Wrong Island

Brian Ferry once gave some good advice.  He said:

“Don’t pay the ferryman;
Don’t even fix a price.
Don’t pay the ferryman;
Until he gets you to the other side!” 4,250 more words

Arriving in Entebbe

On Wednesday afternoon I set off for Heathrow with my mahoosive rucksack! I had an overnight flight to Entebbe with a 2 hour layover in Dubai at 3 in the morning. 524 more words



We landed at Entebbe early afternoon and after the usual mix-up with the hotel shuttle we were in our next Protea hotel by 4pm. Maybe I’ve been off the hotel circuit too long but what a treat (thanks again IS.com and the many nights and points from the Denver Marriott). 679 more words


I’m told that “May you live in interesting times!” was actually an old Chinese curse. I guess seems the Chinese are ill-disposed to excitement. “Soooo,’ I ask my Chinese friend, “what’s happenin’ that’s interesting?” “Nothing,” he answers. 860 more words

Why My Colleagues Are Idiots

Entebbe bound ...

Just a few last minute arrangements and then airport here I come to catch a Qatar Airlines flight for Entebbe via Doha.

Hey, that’s the same Qatar that just got ostracised by the rest of the Gulf states for their support for terrorism. 292 more words