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Really Cosmopolitan Really

Really Cosmopolitan why would you do something as STUPID as this. I mean the Kardashian are truly in my sight an INTERESTING  FAMILY. In one way on hell are they THE FIRST FAMILY. 71 more words


The X-Files Updated Trailer

Well boys and girls we finally get a longer and more in depth trailer for the up coming X-Files series. Yes I know it is only 6 episodes but if you we lived in England that is a season. 88 more words


Blade Returning?

How many of you remember “Blade” from 1998. If you are a comic book fan and comic nerd you will.  Many have credited “Blade” as the movie that really kicked starter the whole comic book movie craze that has dominated the Hollywood landscape lately.  225 more words


ELENA, Divinity Rising: Review

Publisher: Alien Apple Studio

Created by: Darren Pearce and Stu Jennett

Written by: Darren Pearce and Stu Jennett

Artwork by Stu Jennett

At first you think you are reading  your typical espionage comic but very quickly you realize that it is not. 305 more words


Movie Monday: The Last Human in the Milky Way

Today’s movie short is The Last Human In The Milky Way. A simple story but with a deep question.  Does man have a place in the  Universe? 40 more words


Stick Is Returning To DareDevil

Scott Glen is returning to reprise his role as Stick for three episodes in the upcoming second season of  Daredevil.

If you haven’t watched the first season of Daredevil(why the hell have you not) Stick is the man that helps teach the young Matt Murdock to use his new abilities. 66 more words


Salma Hayek apuesta a serie para público de Estados Unidos

Salma Hayek

Foto: Mike Windle/Getty Images

Esta vez, Salma Hayek tiene en planes un proyecto muy especial: una telenovela que destaque el lado chic de México para el público de Estados Unidos. 173 more words