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Bachelor Recap: Viva La Mexico

The episode kicks off with a casual trip to Mexico City. I wish I could have dates all over the world every week!

Olivia: She’s already batting 1000 at the start of this episode. 1,138 more words

“Some people are born clever, same way some people are born beautiful. I’m not one of those people.”

Starter for 10.

Sometimes when you are in the process of trawling through the vast plethora of movie options that are so readily available at your finger tips, you will have your curiosity aroused. 781 more words


Marvel's Luke Cage Maybe Here Sooner Than November

Different sources are reporting that the next series in the Marvel/Netflix  partnership, “Luke Cage” maybe coming as early as this summer.  Report by Heroic Hollywood… 124 more words


Bachelor Recap: What Happens In Vegas....

This week’s episode begins with the girls taking a trip to Vegas. We all know that anything that happens in Vegas is bound to get interesting. 1,287 more words

2016 Royal Rumble Preview

Demarus Dye| BKD TV Insiders

For the 1st time in the 29 Year history of the Royal Rumble, the WWE Champion must defend the title in the Royal Rumble match. 1,113 more words


Bachelor Recap: The Mean Girls Sequel

Poor Ben. This week was a little dramatic for America’s favorite Bachelor as he dealt with a ton of tension and emotions flowing through the house. 2,165 more words

“If you’ve created a conscious machine, it’s not the history of man. That’s the history of God’s”

Ex Machina

Rarely can I remember being that excited about watching a Blu-ray, I waited patiently for Santa to deliver it to me. I even waited until boxing day so I could watch it in the zen of my own tinsel free home. 831 more words