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Enteral Feeding Devices Market worth $2,517.2 Million By 2019

Enteral feeding allows for nutrients/medications to be directly delivered to the stomach/intestine of patients through a feeding tube. Enteral feeding is used for patients who are unable to eat normally and have functional gastrointestinal tracks. 549 more words

A Mother's Love Story: Chapter 8 - The Ups and Downs of Nutrition and a Beautiful Baby Girl

You know what they say, when your children are happy, you are happy. James was in a really good space, learning how to communicate with us and how to participate more actively with his environment. 3,613 more words

Growth in the VLBW; could do better!

Among over 300,000 VLBW infants in the Vermont Oxford Network database between 200 and 2013, the weights at discharge were plotted against the Fenton percentiles.  686 more words

Neonatal Research

A boy, a ball and a backpack. (a g-tube update of sorts)

Corrigan has had his feeding tube for four full years now and it is now as much a part of his life, and body, as the nose on his face.   904 more words


The first hesitant steps into the world of blogging!

Well here I am at the ripe old age of, nearly, 43 and writing my first blog. I am questioning why I am opening myself to the world of blogging and have came to the conclusion that I needed to give my brain a break from my crazy world and let this social world take the hit instead! 803 more words

Single Parent