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Gut Feelings - The benefits of abdominal massage

By: Sarah Million, RMT

Sarah is a believer in whole body health. She treats everything from bellowing bellies, maddened muscles, and nervy nervous systems to help attain a body-wide wellness. 920 more words


The Brain in Your Gut

Did you know your gut has a brain of its own? It’s called the enteric nervous system. The brain in your gut is embedded in the wall of the… 336 more words


"You have a second brain," Dr. Bernicky

By Dr. Natalie Bernicky, Health Columnist, http://thewedge.LIVE

Within the past few years we have seen the grocery market explode with products adding beneficial bacteria, commonly known as probiotics to our food. 884 more words

The Wedge

The North Star, Mount Meru and Mary Magdalene: Your Navel and the Navel of the World

Have  you ever been told to follow your North Star?  It is such a comfort to think that there could be one.  One that directs your internal compass when you have lost your way.   641 more words


Leaky Gut - what's the big deal?

The gut-brain connection has been well established.

The GI tract, the barrier between the slurry inside your intestines and you, is literally one epithelial cell thick. 200 more words