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Google leapfrogs into BPM with Noodle!

Google has finally arrived into the Enterprise space with their Enterprise BPM offering called Noodle (named after process spaghetti!). They have silently put together their technology and shaped them beautifully into what we have been missing “in one single platform” for a long time.  618 more words


What comprises the Definitive Core of BPM?

What’s the Core of BPM? This may sound like a rhetorical question, especially in this blog. But, seriously, what’s the definitive core of BPM right now? 814 more words


Case v/s Process - Not about Architecture & Tools, It’s Culture

Frankly, I don’t like that “v/s” thing between Case Management and Process Management – because the way I see it, everything could be a case and everything could go through a process. 212 more words


Quicklectic: Popular Posts and Redux Update

A quick update on what’s up at Eclectic Zone…

Last week, I have started blogging at Redux Online as guest blogger. I feel excited about being able to share my thoughts through more channels. 205 more words


Is this Data for BPM?

In what looks like a new standards wave that IBM wants to drive after BPEL, they have published a new research topic and a wanna-be… 792 more words


Do not treat Process Solutions as Applications

During the Process workshops, we always find the business users, business analysts, and architects getting excited about things that they could do with a process solution. 439 more words


Social is a Phenomenon, not another Discipline/Practice!

Yesterday in Forrester #crmjam on Twitter, Social (networking, not cause!) aspects got a lot of attention. Theo correctly points out the possibilities of convergence between BPM and CRM… 367 more words