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Panic Can Kill You

It never ceases to amaze me that at this stage in the information revolution, we continue to have so many failed IT projects. According to CIO magazine, 50% of all IT projects projects are still ending in failure. 333 more words

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6 steps to IDSM success

IDSM, short for Integrated Digital Service Management, is the modern approach to managing IT services, a topic we’ve delved into in a recent blog post… 484 more words


DevOps - Cloud = No DevOps!

In the last post we looked at the DevOps tool chain which looks something like this:

It is important to note when viewing the above visualization is that it does not depict “where” code is deployed – in particular what are the platform choices one needs to consider for successful DevOps. 312 more words

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Internet of Things: Revolution or evolution?

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the technology terms that will appear in every organisation’s strategy document in 2017.

(Skeptical? Our CTO Dan Hushon has put it on his… 952 more words

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IDSM: Simplifying today’s complicated IT mission

IDSM, short for Integrated Digital Service Management, is the modern approach to managing how IT services are delivered and managed in the enterprise.

Organizations need IDSM now because multi-sourced IT solutions have simply grown too complex and dynamic for more traditional approaches to IT service management (ITSM) alone. 556 more words


Without this, your mobile strategy will sputter and stall

It’s the rare enterprise that isn’t embracing mobile technology as a way to increase employee productivity and overall business agility these days.

By allowing workers to access enterprise data and back-end services from their smartphones, companies enable workers to do their jobs anywhere and at anytime. 365 more words


Right-sizing the duration of IT engagements

A large part of my role at CSC is focused on guiding and supporting teams in the development of strategies that meet client goals and objectives across all geographies, all industry sectors and all technologies. 1,142 more words

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