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Unknown Unknowns

Most people prepare for the known knowns— that is, the problems  we already know about and the known unknownssuch as what projects your customers will dream up next, or what your competitors might bid against you. 349 more words

Real Talk

Workplace of the future still mostly in the future

Many enterprises today are aggressively embracing digital technologies such as mobile apps and collaboration software, as well as workspace strategies, such as desk hoteling and modular spaces, to be more productive and efficient. 351 more words


Badass Culture War

Certain slang words seem to sweep through the business world every few months. Right now, “badass” is having another day in the sun. Badass women in particular are everywhere these days. 302 more words

Real Talk

What do employees really want? (Hint: Not foosball tables)

Enterprises through the years have spent a lot of time and money trying to get their office environments just right. The goal, of course, is to make employees more productive and happy — which, theoretically, benefits the enterprise’s bottom line. 311 more words


Alexa's growing skills show potential for voice assistants in the workplace

Amazon announced last week that Alexa, the voice assistant software that powers home hardware units such as Echo, Dot and Tap, now has 10,000 “skills” to offer humans seeking information, instructions or entertainment. 347 more words


3 Sessions of Security Testing

One way to collaborate in a team is to achieve shared knowledge together. An example of this is the online activity of “30 days of testing” that The… 324 more words


Clouds cast long security shadow over enterprise IT

If you need more evidence that shadow IT is taking hold in enterprises, look no further than the most recent Intel Security Cloud Report. 405 more words