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The DevOps Philosophy & Methodology

In the last post we looked at why we consider DevOps a practice, and less a movement or a culture. To recap we then updated the definition of DevOps as follows: 421 more words

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toString(), equals() and hashCode() in JPA entities

Many users have generated toString, equals() and hashCode() methods in their JPA entities.
But most times they underestimate what impact that can have.

This blog post post is inspired by a chat I had with Gavin King and Vlad Mihalcea. 1,610 more words

Trending: Shift-Left

TL;DR: Shift-Left is about testing early and automated. Shift technical with this trend or facilitate that testing happens.

Shift-Left is the label we apply when testing moves closer to development and integrated into the development activities. 478 more words


Will Millennial values and new technologies doom the 40-hour work week?

The fight for a 40-hour work week goes all the way back to the post-Civil War era in America, but it wasn’t until 1940 that Congress passed an amended Fair Labor Standards Act that set 40 hours as the weekly limit for U.S. 440 more words

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When will enterprise use of drones take flight?

Back in May, I wrote about how technology vendors are developing enterprise support technology for drones, as well as how drones fit into the typical network infrastructure. 353 more words


Google gets its cloud together

Confused by what was what with Google’s various cloud offerings? Join the club! We were all members.

Now, Google is integrating its offerings under one brand: Google Cloud… 469 more words


The future workplace is contextual

A perfect storm of technology is brewing.

Cloud services are enabling highly intelligent machines, and the artificial intelligence of those machines is enabling a deep understanding of everything around us. 477 more words