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Four ways security teams sabotage their own efforts

There are many reasons why enterprise security teams struggle to succeed in better managing the risks positioned against their data and business-technology systems. Sometimes these obstacles come from elsewhere within the organization, and sometimes they are self-created. 664 more words


New Relic APM on Fedora/CentOS/RedHat with SELinux Enforcing: Solved

I found the solution for getting the New Relic APM Agent to run on a CentOS 7 system with SELinux Enforcing. The only SELinux modification you have to make is to change the context of the log file directory… 486 more words


The Three Faces of IT Asset Management

Confusing the meaning of “IT Asset Management” can lead to wasted money, time and resources.  Yet, what “IT Asset Management” means often depends on the group discussing the subject.  382 more words

IT Asset Management

Internet Service Comparison: Spectrum Cable Modem vs AT&T Fiber

I’m moving to a new address in Central Florida which has multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) available. Spectrum (formerly BrightHouse) provides speeds up to 100Mbps via cable modem. 537 more words

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Exploring Mapping and Enterprise Inertia - The Goat Farm - S2E2

In this episode of The Goat Farm we are in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark for Kubecon/CloudNativeCon EU 2018 where we sat down with three guests to talk about organizational inertia and overcoming that inertia. 513 more words


How enterprise IT can achieve mobile first

We have come to understand “mobile first” as a way to prioritise mobile device design over desktop design. However, what an effective “mobile first” design strategy should really do is… 1,103 more words

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DevOps in a Cloud Native & Serverless World - The Goat Farm - S2E1

The Goat Farm is back with what we’re dubbing “Season 2”. In Season 2 we are going to focus on the challenges of inertia in organizations, how organizations are adopting the practices of Cloud Native and Serverless, and the intersection of DevOps and Cloud Native. 404 more words