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Without this, your mobile strategy will sputter and stall

It’s the rare enterprise that isn’t embracing mobile technology as a way to increase employee productivity and overall business agility these days.

By allowing workers to access enterprise data and back-end services from their smartphones, companies enable workers to do their jobs anywhere and at anytime. 365 more words


Right-sizing the duration of IT engagements

A large part of my role at CSC is focused on guiding and supporting teams in the development of strategies that meet client goals and objectives across all geographies, all industry sectors and all technologies. 1,142 more words

Digital Transformation

Distributed and Agile IT Decision Management

The history of the enterprise IT, like political and economic history, exhibits an ongoing tension between the central and the distributed.  From mainframe to distributed servers, to data center consolidation and virtual servers, to the cloud and SaaS,  centralized control and distributed control are the yin and yang of the IT universe. 343 more words


Infra store – the next IT marketplace

We are all familiar with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store we visit every day to download apps, games and necessary updates for our phones and tablets. 404 more words

The DevOps Toolchain

In our last post we depicted a DevOps-driven agile methodology, which looks something like this:

vs. a standard agile methodology, which looks something like this: 407 more words

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Shift-Deliver, TestOps and Management of Changes

Shift-Deliver is a label I choose to put on the changes the roles and activities of the TEST MANAGER, when the test manager moves towards (also) being involved in the ITIL change requests, delivery management, configuration management and branch management that happens when the  286 more words


Shift-Right, you wild one!

The Shift-Right label is that more and more testing (and checking) can happen on the live application in production. Some call it monitoring, some call it… 241 more words