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Don't be a Data Vandal!

I started using email in 1995 – in the days when each person could have their own dedicated IP address, and email clients were command-line driven and stored their data locally. 743 more words

Big Data

Reducing mobile apps development time is becoming mission-critical

Last week I wrote about how enterprises trying to build an effective DevOps operation need the right mix of skills and teamwork.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange contributor Eric Klein recently posted a… 363 more words


Is the iPhone 7's natural home in the enterprise?

Apple product releases aim squarely at the consumer market, and the new iPhone 7 — along with the iOS 10 operating system — is no exception. 376 more words


DevOps - its not Culture, and its not a Movement

What is DevOps? If I had one scenario to pick for which to use the phrase “everyone has a different definition of X”, it would be to define DevOps. 535 more words

Cloud Computing

Does your enterprise have the right DevOps chops?

DevOps continues to gain in popularity as more enterprises derive benefits, including faster deployment of apps, increased collaboration, greater use of apps by employees and customers and improved apps quality and performance, from this software development method. 372 more words


Qué tener en cuenta al desarrollar aplicaciones para wearables

Cuando hablamos de objetos conectados (wearables) en la empresa, la mayoría piensa inmediatamente en los relojes inteligentes, y es comprensible. Las ventas mundiales de… 566 more words


Questions to consider when developing apps for wearables

When we talk about wearables in the enterprise, most of us immediately think about smartwatches — and understandably so. Global sales of smartwatches are expected to more than double to 66.7 million in 2017 from 30.3 million in 2015, according to a recent  402 more words