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Adrian Cockcroft of Battery Ventures - The Goat Farm - Episode 8

In this episode we talk to the famous (or infamous) Adrian Cockcroft of Battery Ventures. Adrian is known for his work at Netflix and his work to migrate them to a Cloud first strategy, then before that for his book on… 334 more words


Certified as a Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

ApplyLogic has been certified as a Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LDBE) with the Metropolitan   Washington Airports Authority (MWAA).  We are excited, as this certification will allow ApplyLogic to service and support MWAA more quickly and directly.

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Addendum to mongodb on rocksdb-Haswell

So I finally got around to doing the install on the physical box today, and on the initial make static_lib, I got this:

>/opt/src/rocksdb>make static_lib
 GEN util/build_version.cc
 CC db/c.o
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s: Assembler messages:
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s:14025: Error: no such instruction: `shlx %rsi,%r9,%rax'
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s:40750: Error: no such instruction: `shlx %rcx,%r11,%rsi'
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s:40764: Error: no such instruction: `shlx %rax,%r11,%rdx'
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s:41219: Error: no such instruction: `shlx %r8,%rsi,%r9'
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s:41231: Error: no such instruction: `shlx %rdx,%rsi,%rax'
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s:41497: Error: no such instruction: `shlx %rbx,%rsi,%rdi'
 /tmp/ccActpEz.s:41511: Error: no such instruction: `shlx %r14,%rsi,%rdx' 35 more words

Black Hat Survey Reveals Disturbing Spending Gap in Enterprise IT Security

Ahead of it’s annual conference this August, Black Hat has today revealed findings from its first ever research report.

Based on a survey of nearly 500 top-level security experts who have attended the annual Black Hat USA conference, the survey highlights the hugely concerning pitfalls of the InfoSec world. 449 more words

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The 4 Zones Model: A Playbook for the Performance Zone

The CIO is not a “Device Santa Claus”

My good friend and technology futurist, Thornton May, clearly defined the CIO’s role when he said “…the role of the CIO is not to be a ‘Device Santa Claus’ but, rather, to craft an environment which empowers executives to create competitive advantage vis-à-vis the innovative and informed use of information technology.” 649 more words

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Will HoloLens change the face of Customer Service?

Microsoft’s HoloLens has been in the news constantly since its announcement at this years E3 conference. It is now reportedly going to the used on the… 403 more words

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Immediate hire - Mid-level fulltime Systems Administrator for Chantilly, Virginia – TS/SCI CI Poly preferred

We are hiring a full time  Systems Administrator for the Chantilly area.  TS/SCI with CI or FS Poly is preferred but can sponsor the higher level clearances if you have a Top Secret clearance already.  225 more words