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IBM brings business apps to the Apple Watch

IBM’s partnership with Apple to bring business-centric applications to iOS devices continues to grow, this time with support coming for the Apple Watch.

Apple updated its… 430 more words


What's this now? Salesforce reports a profit

Here’s something interesting: Salesforce—which has never seemed overly concerned with posting profits—just posted a first-quarter profit, albeit a thin one.

On the earnings call, CEO Marc Benioff crowed that the company has already achieved a $6 billion revenue run rate and could hit $7 billion this year. 220 more words


Not All IOT Platforms are Created Equal

A few days ago, I was part of a super interesting debate with several thought leaders in the internet of things (IOT) community about the evolution of IOT enterprise platforms. 1,089 more words

From DevOps to DataOps

Why It’s Time to Embrace “DataOps” as a New Discipline

by Andy Palmer

Over the past 10 years, many of us in technology companies have experienced the emergence of “ 789 more words


Visual Environment

Video games often present players with a very specific, stylized visualization of an environment. That environment gives players a context in which to relate to the game and all of the objects in it. 223 more words

Enterprise Playability

Reinventing software development isn't easy, but Cloud Foundry is trying

It’s getting harder for large companies to write the custom software they need to run and prosper in an era where they need to connect to customers (and… 674 more words