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Siren call part five

“Captain’s log, while on a mission of exploration, the enterprise answered a distress call from a vessel that hit caught in a trap. A race that seams to able to influence females against there crew. 1,086 more words

Star Trek

Microsoft acquires Italian IoT platform Solair

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Solair, an Italy-based IoT service that was founded in 2011 (and not the U.S.-based company that makes… 183 more words


How I Built My First Good-Secured Mobile App in 10 Minutes

The proliferation of devices and applications amongst employees has increased exponentially over the last several years. Traditional MDM tools offer insufficient security controls to manage this challenging landscape. 1,023 more words


We learned from utilities everything we need to know about cloud infrastructure

Electricity is ambient. It’s all around us. We turn on lights and plug in devices without even thinking about the complex electrical grid that supplies us with juice at will. 853 more words


Google Just Bought This Hot Business Technology Startup

Google has a new virtual trainer that will teach customers how to use their Google Apps for Work products. The search giant said on Monday that it bought a small startup called Synergyse, which developed training software for Google Apps users in 2013 that keeps them up to date about new features and gives directions…




I blame a great deal of what’s wrong in many societies one way or another on education.
If you live in underprivileged parts of the third world, the poor parts that comic relief envoys visit in order to show us what’s really going on, there isn’t education and that absence means there’s a huge gap between hoping, dreaming and reality. 441 more words


Free Event: Social Enterprise Workshop

Want to have a positive social impact? Ever had an idea but not known where to start?

If the answer is yes, perhaps you should be thinking about starting your own social enterprise venture… 297 more words