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Self-Driving Cars Roll Down the Road to Reality

To look at the tech news headlines, you might think that fully autonomous cars are just around the corner. While automakers aren’t yet ready to deliver a completely self-driving car to your local dealership, said Kerry Johnson, Automotive Product Manager for BlackBerry subsidiary QNX Software Systems, we are definitely on the road to making them a reality. 542 more words


Google Acquires Divshot To Join Its Firebase Team, Will Shut Down In December

Google has acquired Divshot, an HTML5 web-hosting platform that it says is “tailored for performance and developer productivity.”

It will shut down on December 14, 2015, and will be joining the Firebase team. 204 more words


Apigee's New Security Service Protects APIs From Bots

Apigee, a service that specializes in managing APIs for developers and enterprises, launched a new security product today that aims to protect APIs from malicious bots. 212 more words


Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition [Download]

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition is a practical and reliable software solution worth having for administrators who need to manage and organize all their remote sessions. 137 more words


Go Social Supporter Spotlight: Elephant Branded

Elephant Branded sell ethically made, recycled goods and give one ergonomically designed school bag and kit to a child in Africa or Asia each time one is bought. 80 more words


Enterprise IT and the ever shifting focal point

Dell’s planned acquisition of EMC, combined with the upcoming split of HP, highlights a problem that has faced enterprise IT since the beginning of the computing era. 182 more words

Dell to acquire EMC for US$67b

In possibly the biggest acquisition deal in recent times, Dell has announced plans to acquire EMC for a whopping US$67 billion. This merger combines the massive server resources of Dell with a the storage prowess of EMC. 25 more words