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Abacus Expands Its Reimbursement Platform To Interview Candidates And 1099 Workers

Abacus (YC W14) is a platform that provides an easy way for employees to get reimbursed for company expenses. Instead of submitting a form at the end of each month, Abacus lets employees snap a picture of a receipt on the fly and, after company approval, get reimbursed just a day or two later. 249 more words


YC Alum PipelineDB Releases Open Source Streaming SQL Database

PipelineDB, a Y Combinator Winter 2014 graduate, announced the availability of the open source version of its streaming SQL database product today. A commercial version is expected later this year. 451 more words


EMC Sells Cloud Sync And Share Product Syncplicity To Private Equity Firm

When EMC bought cloud sync and share company, Syncplicity in 2012, it seemed the company was trying to change the way it does business, but three years later it’s selling out to private equity firm, Skyview Capital, perhaps ready to concede that a freemium cloud model doesn’t fit the company culture. 742 more words


Former Head of HP Enterprise Bill Veghte Is New SurveyMonkey CEO

When Bill Veghte, former head of HP Enterprise stepped down last week quite suddenly, nobody knew where he would land. Today we found out as he was announced as the new CEO at… 390 more words


The transparency wave

Technology by and large is a powerful force for openness and transparency. One of the clearest benefits of this transparency is the ability to push decision-making authority to the front line of an organization. 376 more words


Four P's of future Product Lifecycle Management

Since I shifted my focus on PLM consulting, I had a chance to meet and talk to many people about PLM. Some of them are using PLM system and like it, some of them are hating PLM systems. 665 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank

Well! Last month was certainly newsworthy.

SCOTUS both upheld Obamacare and told same sex marriage opponents to take their Bibles and go home, medical marijuana was approved in Louisiana, the asshole who co-wrote Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill is going on trial for crimes against humanity, and I BOUGHT A NEW CAR. 487 more words