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Mr. Griffin: Why Fathers Are Crucial In Girl's Lives [EXCLUSIVE]

GRIFF was really touched by a North Carolina woman’s testimony of surviving rape and molestation, starting with her pastor, and then her father, at a young age. 283 more words

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Mr. Griffin: At Least You Don't Owe [EXCLUSIVE]

GRIFF says Bishop Eddie Long gave him a book because he knew GRIFF was trying to be a righteous man. It would take him some time to actually open the book, GRIFF says, but eventually he did. 275 more words

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Mr. Griffin: Level Up On Faith [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

GRIFF was stranded for twelve hours in Minnesota at the airport. His flight was delayed and instead of complaining about it he decided to call up the one person he knows in town. 252 more words


Mr. Griffin: God Keeps His Promise [EXCLUSIVE]

For this edition of Mr. Griffin, GRIFF talks about being inspired by the song, “Good To Me,” by Audrey Assad that morning. It reminded him of the goodness from God that has followed him all the days of his life. 286 more words

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Mr. Griffin: All Of The Love [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

For this Valentine’s Day edition of Mr. Griffin, GRIFF was extra full of love. He sends a bunch of shout outs to folks from the bottom of his heart. 277 more words

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Show Review: The Alienist

One of my new shows I’m following now is The Alienist from TNT. It just launched January 22nd (a special premiere after the SAG Awards on the 21st) and is based off the book by Caleb Carr, set in 1896 New York City. 246 more words

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