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Outlander 305's Sunday-on-Saturday Seven

Last week’s post mentioned the ever-increasing fabulousness of each Outlander episode would likely come to an end.  It did.   But we can still count and discuss… 812 more words

Sunday Seven

Outlander 304's (Sunday) Seven Thoughts

Season 3 of Outlander just keeps getting better and better.  Episode 301 was great; episode 302, better; episode 303, even better, possibly the best; episode 304, possibly the best, with a couple of exceptions. 945 more words

Sunday Seven

GRIFF Talks About A Woman That Was In The Hospital That Inspired Him [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

During Mr. Griffin today he told listeners a story about a woman that is in the hospital. The woman was the praise and worship leader at a church his friend attendant. 173 more words

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Sunday Seven for Outlander 303

Outlander covered quite a bit of ground this week, literally, figuratively, and temporally.    Ten years passed for Claire, Frank, and Brianna.  Claire graduated from medical school, Bree from high school, and Frank went to the movies with his mistress.  699 more words

Sunday Seven

Sunday Seven’s Saturday Edition of Outlander 302

Written by the wonderful Anne Kenney, “Surrender” was everything one could hope for.  And more.  Well, maybe not everything if you were looking for an exact repetition of the book, or took exception to the brown tam not hiding the red hair, or whatever other nitpick you had.  620 more words

Sunday Seven

Mr. Griffin: What Kind Of Legacy Are You Leaving For Your Children? [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

In this edition of Mr. Griffin, GRIFF asks, what will your kids remember about you the most? What did you show them? He talks about his youngest son, who has been having adventures all over the world. 197 more words

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Discover The Beauty of Dubai Through La Perle

The recent opening of the highly anticipated La Perle by the legendary Franco Dragone promises an unforgettable experience unlike any other not only in Dubai, but in the world.

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