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Once a bluecoat always a bluecoat!


In December 2007 I received a text from a friend i’d worked with on a previous contract. They were short one dancer over christmas and asked if i would help them out just for 2 weeks. 1,065 more words

Exclusive Interview with Adam Barto

Adam Barto, known on social media and YouTube as AbnormallyAdam, is a rising YouTube sensation. His entertaining and genuine reaction videos, as well as the way he engages with fans, has led to a steady, daily rise in subscribers and followers. 49 more words


More have left already--

I stopped by to read what Kendall ( one of our member’s) said concerning Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis. They were gifted entertainers, but Dick Gregory really kept us in check. 95 more words

My thoughts before my birthday

Getting older can be seen as a dreadful experience. When we are young we feel as if things will get better as time passes but then comes that truth for most of us around our mid-twenties that this is not the case. 670 more words

Bonus Tunes Tuesday - Glen Campbell - "Rhinestone Cowboy"

Glen Campbell is a noted musician, country music artist and entertainer. He has many top hits to his resume and his career has spanned decades. In the past few years he has battled Alzheimer’s and today he passed away at age 81. 16 more words

Tony's Posts

Stormé DeLarverie

Ever wondered who threw the first punch at the Stonewall Riots? Legend says it was Stormé DeLarverie, a butch lesbian and one of the first and most commanding members of the modern gay rights movement. 541 more words


Sensation seekers – July 18, 2017

Sensation seekers are not humble but arrogant, using My Name in vain, only for their own benefit and glorification. They are not pleasing to Me. Do not be deceived. 145 more words