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Gwyneth Paltrow's second conscious uncoupling

No, she’s not getting another divorce, since she hasn’t remarried (though there are rumors of that on the horizon).

But Gwyneth Paltrow is saying goodbye to GOOP.  584 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Who's that girl?

Seems that even superstars get their credit cards declined.

Pop singer Adele was shopping in San Jose, California the other day when an H&M store would not accept her credit card. 494 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Jennifer Aniston, moved to tears, still insecure after all these years

Jennifer Aniston again.

It may seem hard to believe that people who always appear to be confident are as doubt-filled as the rest of us. Here is Jennifer Aniston responding with surprising candor to a question asked at a film festival in Italy. 394 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Jennifer Aniston: Victim or Hypocrite?

Jennifer Aniston is tired of people judging her by her body.

Her looks.

Her…well, look at the picture.

The perpetually-in-the-news-even-though-she-hasn’t-done-anything-notable-in-decades actress complained recently about all the body shaming that’s going on in Hollywood. 536 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Kylie Jenner is faking it for you

Kylie Jenner has a confession: “People think that since we have a reality TV show and I show so much of my life that they know who I am. 667 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

"Dude, come up and say anything to me; I'd love to engage with you."

She has a reputation.

Just like Welsey Shaw.

She doesn’t think she deserves it.

Just like Welsey Shaw.

Kristen Stewart, who used to be, if not America’s sweetheart (she’s too dark and moody for that), at least America’s favorite vampire, has somewhat fallen out of favor, even as she’s worked hard to distance herself from her Bella character and take on new and different roles. 565 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Replay: Emma Bovary, Welsey Shaw and FOOD

Food, glorious food!

There’s a lot of eating in Entertaining Welsey Shaw. The last third of the novel is an orgy of meals—long, expensive meals. 927 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw