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Replay: Writing tip: Print early, print often!

Something Entertaining Welsey Shaw has taught me:

It’s my first novel, and work habits are an important thing, especially when you haven’t done it before. To save paper, to save trouble, and because I thought I didn’t need to, I did draft after draft on the computer. 470 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Replay: The power of an artist

Why do people do art?

Want the quickest way for most people to emit a derisive snort? Tell them you’re an artist.

I got to thinking about this the other day when my writer friend Susan Gabriel posted about what art means to her. 819 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Taylor Swift: Can she go home again?

A few weeks ago Taylor Swift was the idol of everyone’s eye for standing up for the rights of indie artists everywhere. Now she’s facing criticism for being an elitist. 922 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Kristen Stewart: "Constantly anxious"

It’s hard to think of stars as having it tough. They get everything they want. They’re rich. They’re famous. Fans stand in long times for a few seconds with them, or for them to scrawl their name on a piece of paper. 489 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Twenty-Four Things No One Tells You About Book Publishing by Curtis Sittenfeld

Usually I don’t reblog other people’s stuff, but I really enjoyed this post by Curtis Sittenfeld, so here it is. Take it away, Curtis. (I particularly like no. 710 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Rose McGowan gets some wardrobe advice

Imagine Ben Affleck being asked to come to an audition in tight sexy pants. Imagine him getting dumped by his agent because he refused.

What kind of a house of mirrors world is that? 531 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw

Being someone else

Well, I never thought I’d be writing a blog post about Rachel Dolezal in Entertaining Welsey Shaw. But it occurred to me this morning, while I was watching espresso being coaxed out of the machine in my kitchen, that there is a connection to my novel, and a strong one, too. 493 more words

Entertaining Welsey Shaw