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God Told Margaret To Help Others On Their Way ... She Did

God Told Margaret To Help Others On Their Way … She Did

This is a fictional story about a devious woman who … did God’s work in helping others to … come home.   1,716 more words


Bitter Storage Unit

Storage units are for when you have so much junk, you just can’t take having any more, so you rent a garage door, a lock and a security gate watched by someone 24/7 for $100 a month.  683 more words


[PHOTO] Spotted in Airport Bathroom

“Spotted in an airport bathroom. I never thought of it this way, but it makes sense. I think.”

@StephenKing  via Twitter


LaShawn Daniels Explains How He Works With Artists Who Can’t Sing [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

LaShawn Daniels says respect makes for a great studio session. Yolanda Adams added having the ability to sing, but LaShawn tells us he’s worked with plenty of artists who couldn’t and that’s okay! 175 more words


New Mysterious Man book coming soon!

That’s right!  Unlike my previous one, this book is much longer.  I wrote in a very different style from the earlier stories.  It started as an exercise to break writer’s block, where I simply started writing whatever came to mind without worrying about it, and I was so pleased with the result, I decided to edit it a bit, and I plan to publish it on Kindle in the next few weeks.  19 more words