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Entertainment Ideas for your Next Event

Trying to look for unique and interesting entertainment ideas for your corporate function, conference, team building event or birthday party can be quite daunting if you have no idea where to start. 405 more words


OPP2410-"Image Decomposition"

Problem it is solving :- “Start consulting firm which involves in performing image decomposition. This will be useful in designing photo frames, posters, decoration, movies background etc”

Customer Services Ideas

OPP2307-"Screen writing & publishing platform"

Problem it is solving :- “Develop tool which helps in training and also helps in writing the script, dialogues, drawing the characters, adding audio & video for the script, adding animation etc and also should help script writers to publish/market their scripts to producers, directors, artists, crowd funding organisation etc”

Product Development Ideas

OPP2306-"Screen writing training"

Problem it is solving :- “Helps people who wish to write scripts for movies, serials, shows etc”

Entertainment Ideas

OPP2277-"Mocking speeches, ads, tasks etc"

Problem it is solving :- “Sometimes mocking acts as a funny entertainment for the people – Usually done for politicians, film stars, celebrities etc”

Entertainment Ideas