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OPP2410-"Image Decomposition"

Problem it is solving :- “Start consulting firm which involves in performing image decomposition. This will be useful in designing photo frames, posters, decoration, movies background etc”

Customer Services Ideas

OPP2307-"Screen writing & publishing platform"

Problem it is solving :- “Develop tool which helps in training and also helps in writing the script, dialogues, drawing the characters, adding audio & video for the script, adding animation etc and also should help script writers to publish/market their scripts to producers, directors, artists, crowd funding organisation etc”

Product Development Ideas

OPP2306-"Screen writing training"

Problem it is solving :- “Helps people who wish to write scripts for movies, serials, shows etc”

Entertainment Ideas

OPP2277-"Mocking speeches, ads, tasks etc"

Problem it is solving :- “Sometimes mocking acts as a funny entertainment for the people – Usually done for politicians, film stars, celebrities etc”

Entertainment Ideas

OPP2276-"Music production tutorial"

Problem it is solving :- “Helps to learn music and become musician, dj’s etc”

Entertainment Ideas