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Hollow ‘Best of’ Awards that Deceive

An actor reached out to me regarding an acting coach who touts prolifically online to his being “a Back Stage award-winning acting coach.” When I researched the acting teacher’s credentials and professional history I found empty resume pages on casting’s and representation’s go-to casting resource Breakdown Services. 869 more words

How To Become An Actor

What It's Like Being An Extra Actor

Ever since college, I’ve been an extra in a couple different projects including NBC’s Trauma, HBO’s Looking, San Andreas the Movie, and random short films. My most recent experience being an extra was for a movie called Cardinal X, a story about the life of an Asian-American girl attending a prestigious university. 1,142 more words


So basically D&D of GOT aren’t just discouraging the actors to avoid reading the books, but lying to them about whats in the source material… 17 more words

How Actors Turn ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ from Casting & Talent Agents

A ‘No’ to actors from casting, talent representation, and entertainment industry gatekeepers is often a ‘Yes.’ But the actor deliberately–without self-awareness–rejects the gatekeeper’s silent ‘Yes’ by placing a roadblock in their own path before that ‘Yes’ roars towards them. 1,514 more words

How To Become An Actor

Top Ten Careers That Are Easier Than Becoming a TV Staff Writer

Today I’ve decided to have a little fun with my frustrations regarding my so called “television writing career”.

Here’s my list of alternate careers that I’ve contemplated… that might actually be easier than becoming a staffed TV writer. 298 more words

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