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Episode 9: Dave Swindle ("Just accept whatever ALF says as Gospel truth.")

Thank you for being a friend and listening in this week, which marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of The Golden Girls. What better way to celebrate than to talk about sitcoms? 161 more words


Van Vogt: The Silkie

Last year I picked up a whole stack of books from a library book sale in a tiny lake town in Minnesota, and quite a few of them were… 325 more words


Gamergate and SPJAirplay

I have a tendency to play really long YouTube videos while I bop about the house ineffectually chasing chaos and entropy out of corners and doing battle with dust bunnies formed from yard-long hair, etc. 610 more words

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The Hugo Awards: Your Waifu is Trash edition

Wow. Just wow.

I’d add “I can’t even” but that wouldn’t be accurate: watching the TruFen villagers burn down their own village out of spite was EXACTLY what the Rabid Puppies thought they would do. 588 more words

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Mad Max Fury Road

So I watched this film yesterday.

I actually enjoyed the movie.

Elements of this movie were great, but overall it was a slightly better than average film. 357 more words

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Jurassic World

So I watched Jurassic World yesterday.

Although enjoyable to watch, the film wasn’t that spectacular.

I found a lot of parallels to Jurassic Park in terms of story and tone, which I imagine they were trying to do so that existing fans had a connection to it. 81 more words

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Disney’s MagicBand

Bringing Magic
 to the Kingdom

Disney Resorts: For its fantasy resort environment, Disney’s MagicBand gives wearers a seamless, and therefore, richer experience. The colorful, waterproof wristband is an all-in-one device customized to the guest’s itinerary. 43 more words

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