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I think I’m supposed to be reading more of the Related Works Hugo category stuff, but at the moment I’m not that interested in nonfiction. However, having looked at the remaining pieces of the voter packet, I seem to have saved the most-anticipated for last:  203 more words


Gender Television Shows


That the government should fund T.V shows where female characters are strong and physically aggressive (e.g. Katniss Everdeen) 

Discuss your views and opinions in the comments below!

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Gatekeeping and marketing

When I was a kid, I would read just about anything. And I do mean ANYTHING, including things that I regret reading now… there’s just never enough brain-bleach after stumbling into some corners of the internet as a curious teen. 314 more words


Hugo Awards: packet and voting

I was away from home when the voters’ packet was released, so now I’m catching up! (Definitely would have been nice to have all that reading material on the plane flights. 201 more words

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Hugo Reading: Skin Game

I’m a Dresden Files fan – though I never did really get into the TV show – who’s read all the books and a good chunk of the shorts. 445 more words


Hugo Reading: A Single Samurai

As far as I know, this story isn’t available for free online anywhere, but Baen is a generous publisher so I’m sure it will be available in the voter packet. 140 more words


Hugo Reading: Totaled

I was poking about on the internet, ending up on Mars Is through MHI, and I saw a link to “Totaled.” Being a little ADHD in my internet consumption (“browser tabs” was either a great invention or THE WORST, I’m not sure which) I decided I had to go read it RIGHT THEN. 100 more words