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Hugo Reading: Skin Game

I’m a Dresden Files fan – though I never did really get into the TV show – who’s read all the books and a good chunk of the shorts. 445 more words


Hugo Reading: A Single Samurai

As far as I know, this story isn’t available for free online anywhere, but Baen is a generous publisher so I’m sure it will be available in the voter packet. 140 more words


Hugo Reading: Totaled

I was poking about on the internet, ending up on Mars Is through MHI, and I saw a link to “Totaled.” Being a little ADHD in my internet consumption (“browser tabs” was either a great invention or THE WORST, I’m not sure which) I decided I had to go read it RIGHT THEN. 100 more words


Hugo Reading: The Goblin Emperor

The blurb printed on the front of this book reads “challenging, invigorating, and unique.”

I’m afraid I’m not impressed in the slightest. I found no aspect of the novel challenging, except keeping track of particular name-forms: there is an appendix in the back, but as the table of contents is excessively large and I didn’t read all of it, I wasn’t aware of this resource until I finished the book. 451 more words


Hugo Reading: The Three-Body Problem


Depressing. Highly reminiscent of all the YA SF I read as a child from the library, in which The Entire Planet is DOOMED Because Humanity Sucks. 95 more words


Hugo Reading: Ancillary Sword

I picked up a few of the nominated novels for the Hugo Awards yesterday, and decided to start with Ancillary Sword. I didn’t go back to see what I’d written after reading  1,018 more words


Preference cascade and the Hugos

Forgive the lack of links in this post – there’s been so much verbiage that I’d have to use a power mower to find the blog posts in question and I really don’t have time to hunt them down in the weeds right now. 567 more words

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