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We can still access our media and entertainment the old fashioned way, if we choose, by reading publications on paper and watching TV shows on our televisions. 115 more words


My Reaction

At this time, I can say that we are gifted because of the knowledge we are getting from media and the entertainment we get that relieves our stress.   118 more words

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My Opinion On: George Takei & New Interpretations of Old Characters

Something that made big news this weekend was George Tekei’s comments regarding Star Trek’s character, Helsman Hiraku Sulu, being homosexual in the next film. As a fangirl, I am very quick to rally behind same-sex couples. 2,071 more words


Why I Love Disney

Disney was a large part of my childhood. It continued to be a large part of my life as I went through elementary, junior high, and high school, and though I am continue to get older, it is still a large part of my life. 361 more words

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An Entertainer's Heart

What does theatre mean to me? It begins with my story.

I went to a small private school where the arts were not always the first thing on people’s minds. 640 more words

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The Last Dying Gasp of "The Media"

Pretty much all of the news and entertainment media are just horrible these days, even to the point that most of them have made Donald J. 1,121 more words