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Creative Futures -An Intro to Production Design/Games Design

The Games Design Industry is growing more and more each day. Games are getting better and more people seem interested in playing games even the female audience are starting to dominate the online servers. 442 more words

Creative Futures (Y1, S1)

Episode 25: Rethinking Ty Cobb with Charles Leerhsen

You’ve heard the stories about Ty Cobb right? He was mean. He sharpened his spikes to gouge opposing players when sliding into bases. He beat up a disabled fan. 201 more words


…A Shot in the Dark

A shadowy silhouette of a man moves down the street. His shoulders and the top of his felt Stetson fedora are briefly lit in the pools of light beneath the street lamps as he passes. 515 more words

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The Joker – Because it’s funny is as good a reason as any…

Real-life security specialists like those employed by the U.S. Secret Service and FBI all agree that a criminal who acts with no regard to his personal safety, or thought of escape, is almost impossible to stop. 302 more words

Parent Child Relationships

Pop Culture Meets History –Tomahawks

During the opening of the North American frontier people living at the tip of the spear relied on their muzzleloading firearms for food and defense. Whether it was a rifle, musket, fowling piece (aka shotgun), or blunderbuss (aka really BIG shotgun), each arm required a few specialized tools in addition to its ammunition. 746 more words

Collectibles & Antiques

…at the late night double feature picture show.”

What person in their right mind would attend a Jimmy Buffet concert without an Acapulco shirt loud enough to make air sick, and a stuffed parrot on their shoulder? 650 more words

Collectibles & Antiques