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Hey People,

I realise my absence has been very long but I am very excited to say I am actually going to take the time to post this year. 184 more words


TS Reviews: The Just City by Jo Walton

At the beginning of last year, my New Year’s Resolution¹ was to read 50 books this year. I decided on that because I realized that I have spent the past few years reading a lot of articles, a lot of webpages, a lot of blogs, and isolated chapters of books, but very few books. 2,405 more words


Devoured by books

I’ve found my next gifts to my younger brothers – once the series is published in hardcopy, that is! I received the first novel as a gift for Christmas, and upon finishing, immediately bought the second. 90 more words


A Hundred Movies I watched this year

Unlike with my book list, I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution about watching fifty movies, or a hundred movies. I didn’t have to, because I watch a lot of movies. 3,906 more words


Books I read this year.

On January 1st 2016, I decided on my new year’s resolution. I would read fifty books in 2016. It’s not that much, but since I do most of my reading in terms of articles, audio-books, webpages, excerpts, and assorted school-material, fifty books specifically would be both achievable and challenging. 2,282 more words


Media Hiburan dan Kesedihan: Mencoba Melupakan atau Mencari Insipirasi?

Tahun 2016 hanya bersisa hitungan jam di Jakarta. Saya tak akan bilang tahun 2016 adalah tahun terburuk dalam sejarah manusia. Rasanya saya bukan orang yang pantas untuk berkata demikian. 599 more words

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2016 Books and Movies Post

Before I started this blog, I had another one that I updated very infrequently with things like my birth story and oh-so-exciting anecdotes like our experiences with 1,047 more words

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