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Discover Program

This year I was given the opportunity to be a part of K-State Salina’s Discover Program. This program allowed girls in local Girl Scout troops receive their entertainment technology badge.  234 more words

Listen To This...(Part 1)

Sound for movies is like pictures for movies. Something happens in front of a microphone or camera lens, a whole bunch of magic stuff happens, then sound and picture happens from the speakers and on the screen of a cinema theater. 1,163 more words

Entertainment Technology

Quality / Art / Technology and the Movies

Movies, and the Entertainment Technology for Movies, involve a lot of components. Each have many procedures, that is, many steps to accomplish the goal.

In addition to all the organized madness, there are a few absolute, overarching rules.  469 more words

Director's Intent

Cheap Online Stores in the Philippines

Sharing this useful list to shop online in the Philippines (Best store guide):
1.Computer and laptop
– PC hub (http://www.pchub.com/)
– Dynaquest PC ( 189 more words


App Review: GRABTAXI

I have been wanting to write a review about my experience with GrabTaxi since I first started using it. At last, after numerous follow-ups booking I had, I finally able to write one now. 413 more words


Not just another major

Staff Writer

“It’s really sort of a collaboration between advertising, marketing and Public Relations. Communications just sort of encompasses and wraps everything up into one nice package,” said former student Rachel Meyers, “You can write, you can make films, you can edit, you can do pretty much do anything you really want to.” 505 more words

Cumberland County College

Back in my day

Grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax as we re-hash the glorious days of the 90’s when you watched Dragon Ball Z every morning before school, it was cool to pretend to smoke candy F and when the street lights turned on it was time to get on your bike and get your arse back home. 311 more words