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• doggie detritus •

• doggie detritus •
I wouldn’t say ‘neat freak’, exactly. As applies to me, I mean. I’ve had kids for far too long to have that appellation applied to me and to still have remained relatively sane, considering the vortex of entropy that having said kids generally precipitates: not that I wouldn’t prefer a tidy abode, it’s just not feasible, as long as they draw breath within my vicinity (what I like to think of, as the ‘kid event horizon’), or at least, such has been my experience. 373 more words


No broomstick needed

I finally had a chance to go to Twyford woolly day after a few months of not being able to get there (the absences were all for pleasant reasons thank goodness).   228 more words


Big Screen Baseball - Misusing The Equipment

I’m going to be spending the upcoming offseason months watching a lot of baseball movies.  My thoughts and opinions about those movies will be posted here as part of an ongoing series.   257 more words


Obsessive sewing is my new bag

My friend gifted me a sewing pattern.  To make a bag.  With five zip insertions.  Five!

I looked at the thirty pages of instruction and my head became fuzzy.   244 more words


New KAL on Ravelry starting September 15

I had a nice opportunity to try out hand-dyed yarn by HauteKnit Yarn. We will start knitting together this little top in our Ravelry group. If you want to participate in the KAL, you have to purchase the original yarn: Ultra Soft Merino Superwash (100 g/450 m).


Waving hello

Well, hello!

I’m Laura, or Artygal on Pinterest and Ravelry.  I love knitting and spinning and also enjoy weaving and sewing to varying degrees of enthusiasm and skill.   199 more words


Reasons. Pleasure. Walking.

My world of blogging has allowed me to ‘meet’ fellow bloggers with all their different projects, ideas, aspirations and enthusiasms. Today’s posting in the blog titled ‘100 years walking’ expresses so vividly the reasons for walking in a posting titled ‘Why do you do it to yourself?’ 64 more words