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On Business School as Oxymoron

The English word school derives from the Greek scholē, meaning “leisure.”

The Latin negotium, meanwhile — a compound of nec (“not”) and ōtium (“leisure”) — was the Roman word for “business.” 48 more words


My patterns in Käsitöö

In 2014 I took part in Tallinn Fashion Week together with Mattis Meekler, a young fashion designer. Two patterns were published in the Estonian crafts magazine Käsitöö (Spring 2015). 61 more words


The Most Tolerable Sort of Person

The most (perhaps only?) tolerable sort of person is one not merely aware of but amused by his own infirmities. To proceed under any other impression represents an act either of naivete or hostility.


New X Games Events for 2015

Penultimate Frisbee
Thé Vert
Extreme Unction


Beer vs. Children: A Notable Distinction

One’s spirits are rarely lifted by virtue of a child someone else has made.


Syllogism of the Mid-Century Football Coach

Major Premise: A tie is like kissing your sister.
Minor Premise: Kissing your sister represents an act of incestual relations.
Conclusion: Tying a football game represents an act of incestual relations.


A Probably Infallible and Also Impossible Psychological Test

It’s possible to produce a startlingly accurate psychological portrait of an individual based only on the manner and frequency with which he employs the superlative form of the adjective. 29 more words