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Waving hello

Well, hello!

I’m Laura, or Artygal on Pinterest and Ravelry.  I love knitting and spinning and also enjoy weaving and sewing to varying degrees of enthusiasm and skill.   199 more words


Reasons. Pleasure. Walking.

My world of blogging has allowed me to ‘meet’ fellow bloggers with all their different projects, ideas, aspirations and enthusiasms. Today’s posting in the blog titled ‘100 years walking’ expresses so vividly the reasons for walking in a posting titled ‘Why do you do it to yourself?’ 64 more words


597. Malcolm developed an interest

© Bruce Goodman 30 May 2015

Malcolm developed an interest in canaries. He was an enthusiast. His sudden venture into keeping and breeding canaries came right out of the blue. 166 more words


On the Considerable Value of the Aphorism

The aphorism allows one to inhabit briefly a place characterized not by grotesque and vulgar ambition — nor the abuse of those who suffer from it — but by more palatable qualities: what one might call a… 25 more words


On Business School as Oxymoron

The English word school derives from the Greek scholē, meaning “leisure.”

The Latin negotium, meanwhile — a compound of nec (“not”) and ōtium (“leisure”) — was the Roman word for “business.” 48 more words


My Patterns in Käsitöö

In 2014 I took part in Tallinn Fashion Week together with Mattis Meekler, a young fashion designer. Two patterns were published in the Estonian crafts magazine Käsitöö (Spring 2015). 61 more words


The Most Tolerable Sort of Person

The most (perhaps only?) tolerable sort of person is one not merely aware of but amused by his own infirmities. To proceed under any other impression represents an act either of naivete or hostility.