Flying in the face of reason

It’s become apparent, over the course of the protracted Aer Lingus negotiations, who is actually running the country (clue: it isn’t the government).

Vested interests like the unions are in fact dictating policy and influencing decisions that are supposed to be made for the good of the country as a whole. 173 more words


Rape: victim shaming an easy way out?

When I was growing up, I remember my brothers having more freedom than I. They had better chances of going out while I had to stay home as “ 1,080 more words


Joe Hockey's Culture of Entitlement

The media has been doing a lot of scaremongering this week about the impending federal budget. Considering the noises being made by federal ministers, particularly treasurer Joe Hockey, about ‘deep cuts’ and the like, it’s probably fair enough. 1,073 more words

Australian Politics

Concerning "Friend Zones" and "Nice Guys"

This one is going to be a bit different from my usual posts. There was a discussion on my friend’s Facebook page concerning the “Friend Zone” and I had to weigh in. 1,019 more words

Old Posts

Entitlement Culture: The Disease of the Rich... and the Poor

With the bold, sensational tagline, “Teen Avoids Prison Because He’s Wealthy,” the court case of Ethan Couch has become a lightning rod of controversy, stirring up already-volatile sentiments of the rich vs. 955 more words


The Future Is Starting To Figure It Out...

…and our “rulers” should be afraid…very afraid.

Heir No. One is studying the American Revolution in his History class at school, and concluded that John Adams was against suffrage for women.   528 more words

Why The Internet Is Fun And Informative