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Entity Framework Slow queries

Working with entity framework might be slower while using groups and complex calculations.

Dive your the query in small groups.
1. A select query should be just grab select data… 33 more words

Entity Framework

Integrating Identity Framework (Individual User Accounts)

When we select Individual User Accounts as Authentication Method while creating a new project (MVC Framework in this case) we have Identity Framework added to our solution with a basic default configuration. 836 more words


Performing a Join on EF with Linq or Lambda expressions


Here is an example on how to join two entities (wCompPlayers and wCompPlayerTeams) to search for a player given surname and team id.

public PlayerModel GetBySurnameAndTeamId(string surname, int teamId)
    return (
        from p in _context.wCompPlayers
        from pt in _context.wCompPlayerTeams
        where p.IdPlayer == pt.IdPlayer
            && string.Equals(p.Surname, surname) && pt.IdTeam == teamId
        select p
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Entity Framework Repository Test Example

Since we are using the Entity Framework’s context object as dependency we should consider this test as an integration test (unless we want to mock EF). 269 more words


Sql Server Management Studio ( SSMS ) - Query Results - Max Column Length


Ran a query that gives me the most expensive queries.

As I try to capture the SQL Column I am finding out that the results is chopped off. 294 more words


ASP.NET MVC5 Entity Framework / Repository Pattern and Unit of Work revisited

The code for this solution in this link

I’ll put Android development aside for a moment to write an update of an old entry related to ASP.NET and MVC. 1,710 more words