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Separating Data Access Concern

In our days most of the applications that have a relational database as storage, use an ORM to access the data. The ORM (Entity Framework, Hibernate, etc.) does most of the data access implementation. 2,131 more words


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WSDL : Web Services Description Language
REST : Representational State Transfer
SOAP : Simple Object Access Protocol

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Understanding Many-To-Many Relationships in Entity Framework PART I

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement Many-To-Many relationships in Entity Framework Code First. We will develop a Like Application (similar to Facebook Likes). 778 more words

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Binding Data to RadioButtonList, DropDownList, CheckboxList, and ListBox Controls in Entity Framework

This tutorial explains how to bind data to asp.net form controls that contains a set of ListItem type, such as RadioButtonList, DropDownList, CheckBoxList, or ListBox.  355 more words

Entity Framework

Learning Entity Framework with Asp .NET MVC

Entity framework forms a bulk in learning MVC. There are very less resources for learning Entity Framework.

Books by Julie Lerman are very comprehensive and they look like the authoritative source for reference to Entity Framework. 104 more words


How to Bind Data to GridView with Entity Framework Code First

This tutorial illustrate binding data to a GridView when AutoGenerateColumns property is set as false. By default, GridView displays all the properties of the entity when a set of entity is bound. 315 more words

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Implementation of 1-To-Many Relationships in Entity Framework

1-To-Many relationships are the most common relationship types in database designs. An example for 1-to-many relationships can be the relationship between the children and the family of the children: A family can  have many children, but a child can belong to only one family. 557 more words

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