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Entity Framework Day.1- Overview

What’s Entity Framework – EF and O/RM?

  • EF là một bộ ánh xạ đối tượng/quan hệ (object/relational mapping) cho phép lập trình viên .Net làm việc với các dữ liệu quan hệ thông qua các đối tượng (object).
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ASP.NET Dynamic controls render with validation

  1. ASP.NET Dynamic controls render with validation
  2. Change the sequence dynamically.
  3. Cascading dropdown with jQuery.
  4. Dynamic HTML table to show the records.

1. Dynamic Controls Render With cascading dropdown… 31 more words


Debugging a performance issue in production

One of the projects I’m working on has a component that has a very simple task: reads a record from a database table and based on it, send a message to Microsoft Windows Service Bus. 899 more words


Cannot access LocalDb from Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition

Today I was trying to spin up a quick Web API for an angular project I’m working on in a fresh install of Visual Studio 2015 using Entity Framework Code First.   163 more words

Entity Framework

Week roundup

Last week recap and links:

Entity Framework - Database First Demo

In SQL Server:

Create new Database called HR14, create new Table: Employees

–In Visual Studio–

-Create new Project (ASP.NET Web Application… 111 more words