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Server-side paging with Entity Framework

In my last post – https://datatellblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/11/unit-of-work-repository-entity-framework-and-persistence-ignorance/ – I presented a generic entity framework implementation of the repository pattern. In this post I’m going to present some changes to this implementation to enable server-side paging. 1,416 more words

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CodeFluent Entities vs Entity Framework : Cascade Delete

Ensuring referential integrity is something very important in RDBMS. When you delete a customer you may want to delete all related information, this what is called… 259 more words


Entity Framework Hidden Cursors

As a database administrator I’m most concerned about what’s happening in production – not how many lines of code were saved in development.  For this reason I started researching EF on my own to discover why it’s workloads always seemed so … well, …  wonky … on my end.  782 more words


A tag team championship battle between Entity Framework, NuGet vs TeamCity, SQL Provider

Recently we have upgraded our entity framework through NuGet and had all our unit test cases passing locally. Everything started to fail on TeamCity build server and there was not much stack trace displayed in the build log. 137 more words


Entity Framework - Code First - More EF

Further Information on Entity Framework 6 – FireBootCamp Day 25

Entity Framework was again our subject of choice on the FireBootCamp; building on yesterday’s demos and talks we looked at Entity Tracking in a connected scenario, Entity States (Added, Unchanged, Modified, Deleted and detached) and explored Lazy Loading. 208 more words


Entity Framework - Code First - Think First?

A few lessons learnt with Entity Framework – FireBootCamp Day 24

I must admit that I have used the basic features of Entity Framework (EF) a few times but haven’t really bought into all of the features. 212 more words


View and Edit Revit Models: Add a Filter Using Code

I have recently shown you how to view and edit Revit models on the web without writing any code. I have also shown you how to… 659 more words