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Execute an storeprocedure to set CONTEXT_INFO while adding or modifying data using EF

Auditing is generally important in most databases because it is important to know who changed data and when.  How auditing data is stored depends upon the system requirements but in general the date/time and user who made a change is important.  138 more words


CodeFluent Entities and Visual Studio 2015

Good things come in pairs: Visual Studio 2015 is now available for download and CodeFluent Entities latest build (61214.820) runs great on it!

You can learn more about Visual Studio 2015 here: 116 more words

Developing Using CodeFluent Entities

How to automatically load navigation properties in Entity Framework

Anyone who has worked with Entity Framework will have had to manage with loading related entities. I believe many developers will agree the way that system works is difficult to reconcile with design patterns such as the Repository pattern. 410 more words


Knockout - Add, update and delete records using Entity Framework

In this knockout section explains how to add records and show these to list and after adding records to list how to edit/delete these records. 1,833 more words


Some common errors running seed method during EF Migration

To avoid the ‘Sequence contains ore than one element’, my experience is this:

1. when using AddOrUpdate, give more condition like this:

context.Categories.AddOrupdate(p=>new {p.CategoryName, p.SubCategoryName}, category) 735 more words

Customizing the EF Entity Templates

The nice thing about Entity Framework is that anytime you are using one of the entity template generation capabilities, they are pretty easily customizable. This, of course, means that you are NOT using the pure code-first API most likely (however, to an existing database defines a T4 template). 392 more words


Essential knowledge for Entity Framework beginners

I want to highlight this article with 9 tips for Entity Framework that I found while researching a problem. Unfortunately, I didn’t have this article when I started to learn Entity Framework and had to discover them all the hard way.  22 more words