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Entity framework Data Validation

So it’s been a while since I posted something on my blog.
The main reason is because I was on holiday. But know I’m back, I just need to write something :) 1,274 more words


Entity Framework and eager loading

Eager loading can be defined as a directive to include related entities when loading an entity in a query. Eager loading is achieved by use of the Include() method. 194 more words


It's been a while

I completely neglected this blog. It is disappointing. However, I have made a commitment to reinstate this blog back into my regular routine and post the advances in my life. 165 more words


ASP.NET vNext - Identity 3.0 (beta6) in MVC 6 (beta6) Spa - Using Integer Keys Instead of Strings

After looking all over the place and not finding anything specific for Identity 3.0, I got inspired to write this blog post on how to use bigint primary keys for the Identity tables instead of nvarchar(450). 332 more words


EF6.1 Get Mapping Between Properties and Columns

One of the most popular posts on my blog has been EF6.1 Mapping Between Types & Tables. Someone asked me this week about getting the property/column mapping in addition to the type/table mapping. 454 more words

Entity Framework


Summary of differences/ similarity between LINQTOSQL vs EF5:

Entity Framework 5 LINQ TO SQL Difference/ Similar 75 more words

The default DbConfiguration instance was used by the Entity Framework before the 'SqlAzureConfiguration' type was discovered

SqlAzureConfiguration is just a configuration class for SqlAzure.

   1: public class SqlAzureConfiguration : DbConfiguration

   2: {
   3:     public SqlAzureConfiguration()
   4:     {
   5:         SetExecutionStrategy("System.Data.SqlClient", () => new System.Data.Entity.SqlServer.SqlAzureExecutionStrategy()); 28 more words