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Each and every task should go under relevant heads whether its client(s) / project(s) / training / etc.

  1. If you are working on project “XYZ” then tasks of project “XYZ” should be under project “XYZ” in MIS.
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Entity Framework Code First Approach - Table Splitting

Table splitting refers to mapping multiple entities to a single table. Table splitting is useful when you want to delay the loading of some of the properties with large data when lazy loading. 803 more words

Entity Framework

Entity Framework Code First Approach - Entity Splitting

Entity splitting refers to mapping of single entity to multiple tables (two or more). This will be possible if all tables shares same key column. By default, entity framework code first approach create single table for each table. 664 more words

Entity Framework

Entity Frameworks – Data Annotations

1. How to specify foreign key name?
Use ForeignKey data annotation on the navigation property as follows:

 public virtual Department Department { get; set; } 196 more words
Entity Framework

Installing the Entity Framework for the Project in Visual Studio 2015


This is a Simple Article to explain how to install Entity Framework for Project in Latest IDE Visual Studio 2015


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Repository Pattern for EF 6 using detached entities.

Lately I’ve been reading about the changes in EF6 and its change tracker mechanism. I’ve written the following repository pattern (that fits the multi layered software architecture really well) that, by default, keeps the entities in the detached state (not tracked). 2,657 more words

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