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Entity Framework Database First Generalising Timestamps

Using Entity Framework is extremely easy and straight forward unless you have a large amount of entities and business rules to apply. You are lucky if you have a code first approach, however some times database first approach is in place and there are some limitations. 217 more words


Entity Framework 5 - EntityDataSource Configuration Error

Version: EntityDataSource5

Data Control: Entity Data Source (

Error happens while configure data source

MetadataException: Unable to load the specified metadata resource

To resolve this – find the links below:- 22 more words

Entity Framework and LINQKIT

Entity Framework is the equivalent of JPA wrapped on top of Hibernate as a framework. It was also the official framework touted by Microsoft on its nuget packages. 123 more words


.NET Core 2.0 Released!

Usually I share the news of the week after our weekly Dutch SDN Cast but I really didn’t want to wait for this as it is just great news that you should hear immediately (if you haven’t already heard from in the social web). 132 more words


Update table without Retrieving from DB using Entity Framework


This topic will cover how to Update table without Retrieving from DB using Entity Framework. Normally updating a field in the database using entity framework need to fetch that corresponding row in the table and then update that row. 282 more words

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Entity Framework Concepts made easy

Conceptual model, entity, context ….in Entity framework. Confused??
Say No to confusion now, since I have made this blog post to throw a perfect illusion of how all these things relate to each other. 342 more words


Mocking Entity Framework to unit test your data services

It’s not easy to write unit tests for services that use DbContext and DbSet<T> classes from Entity Framework (or Entity Framework Core), and there are complex solutions to approach this, like separating the data access layer completely, as I propose in my… 221 more words