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Entity Framework 6 Test Doubles

I’ve returned to Entity Framework 6 recently, having spent a while in and amongst the muck and bullets of carving my own SQL commands. I’m building a new cross platform mobile app using Xamarin with an Azure WebAPI App back-end and I really want to test my data access classes. 162 more words

Base Class

Domain classes are an important part of your application. A base class can be beneficial whether you are building a small project or an enterprise solution. 810 more words


Making the Case for Entity Framework in the Enterprise

Recently, I was met with some friction by the IT department at a client where, they asserted, that a decision had been made years ago to ban Entity Framework. 1,311 more words

SQL Server

Code First Default Value - Easy way

There is a easy way to set default values in Entity Framework   Code first. all you need to do is just set your default value in your constructor. 47 more words


System.Data.SQLite design-time components not supported in VS2017 Yet

In VS2015, if you want System.Data.SQLite design-time components, you should install the following:


But the above package does not work in VS2017. Here is the official statement: 10 more words

Trouble with Keys

I’ve just spent a couple of hours scratching my head with database/entity framework problem.

My client has a requirement to duplicate records from one database to another when the first is updated. 105 more words


ASP.NET Core MVC / Entity Framework / Repository Pattern

I’m going to be upgrading the same idea I’ve visited in the past but using ASP.NET Core this time. The plan is to structure a very simple architecture that allows us to build a web application above it. 983 more words