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Unit Testing your Repositories–the code

In the previous post I started to write about how to set up your unit tests in the repository code. The title was (maybe a bit misleading) “ 3,072 more words


Fake DbSet Extension :: fakePage

Hi, now we create fake DbSet… no… we will create inherit it, but little change!

Previous  Fake Entity-Framework Context :: fakePage 128 more words


Fake Entity-Framework Context :: fakePage

How use unit-testing without create database at each change of context… 994 more words


A Strange New World

What I have been able to determine thus far is that MVC feels very alien to me, coming from my WebForms background. WebForms makes sense to me, MVC does not. 782 more words


30 Days of Zumo.v2 (Azure Mobile Apps): Day 18 – ASP.NET Authentication

I introduced the ASP.NET backend in my last article, but it was rather a basic backend. It just did the basic TodoItem single table controller with no authentication. 1,579 more words


30 Days of Zumo.v2 (Azure Mobile Apps): Day 17 - ASP.NET Backend Introduction

I have concentrated on the Node.js backend for Azure Mobile Apps thus far. However, Azure Mobile Apps also supports an ASP.NET 4.6 (not ASP.NET core) backend. 1,527 more words


Using Views with Entity Framework Code First

In today’s post I’ll show how we (some of the code was written by my friend Nuno Moura, thank you) use views with EF6. This, apparently simple, post came into discussion after a recurrent debate with my colleagues about the pros and cons of using lazy loading and eager loading. 1,743 more words

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