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About five years ago we featured a piece that coined the term “entomotography,” and we’ve been sharing stories about insects frequently since then… 330 more words


Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme!!!

Longhorn beetles: ‘typically characterized by extremely long antennae’ You ole show offs :) – From the Dung Beetle UK Mapping Project, DUMP.

Its been three months since the last post. 630 more words


Cockroaches really comes in all shapes and sizes

There is just something about a bloody Cockroach that makes me loose my appetite.

Cape Mountain Cockroach, Giant Cockroach or Table Mountain Cockroach (Aptera fusca)

South Africa

You wont believe the abilities a Wasp have. Flash my ASS

A wasp consist of the ability to secrete a cocktail (chemical) that is called a pheromones.

When they get attacked by Ants they will release this pheromones that causes the Ants to start attacking each other and ripping each other apart, this allowing the Wasp to do what he came for (Usually to plant its baby). 52 more words

South Africa

Proboscis (Feeding Straw)

Ever wondered what the organ of a insect is called witch it uses to suck up his food, its called a Proboscis. (This is the English translation)

South Africa

Random Insect: Spring Azure

Found in woodlands throughout much of eastern North America, spring azures (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae: Celastrina ladon) are rather eye-catching little butterflies. Relatively small in size, it is easy to overlook these insects when they are resting. 156 more words