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Weblog: October 2015

Beauty, we’re told, is in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, it’s wearisome to be told that the beauty you perceive doesn’t exist simply because… 1,016 more words


Insect Identifications and Etiquette

I’ve been a student of insects for most of my life, and of the many aspects of entomology that interest me, field collecting and identification remain the most enjoyable.  1,571 more words


Interview with Forensic Entomologist Susan Gruner

What is your expertise within forensic science and what does this type of job role typically involve?

Forensic entomology can be divided into three groups: stored-product, urban and medico-legal (or medico-criminal) entomology. 1,393 more words

Winter’s “Toasted Marshmallow” Egg Case

This “toasted marshmallow on a stick” is the egg case of a Chinese Praying Mantis (Tenodera sinensis), containing hundreds of developing youngsters. The eggs overwinter in this protective case until the spring’s warm weather triggers the eggs to hatch into tiny nymphs (mini-mantids). 153 more words


Malaria resistant mosquitoes are not actually that useful

The recent news of a lab strain of Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes being unable to be infected by the malaria parasite has hit the headlines. But unfortunately, amazing as the science behind this is, I really wouldn’t put your hopes up on malaria free Anopheline mosquitoes becoming the norm at time soon (or ever really). 288 more words


How Do Dragonflies See The World? - Animal Super Senses The...

How Do Dragonflies See The World? – Animal Super Senses

The Dragonflies vision is so quick but will it detect the high speed pea? Taken from Animal Super Senses.

By: BBC Earth.