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Happy Thoughts - August 29, 2015 (Beware the Spider)

Ms. Spee Ider is becoming quite the chunky monkey. That’s probably because we’ve had an onslaught of bright green grasshoppers lately. I just love her black, “thigh-high” stockings. 101 more words


Friday favorites

Here’s a couple good ones to get you through this manic Friday! ┬áHang in there, the weekend is right there within reach! 82 more words


Buggy Bart

Oh, what child could not assert
Their love of playing in the dirt
Or digging sticks into the ground
For creepy crawlies that abound

And through the murky soil slick… 234 more words



bedazzling beetles
six legged jewels
parade color


Calling the spider doctor!

So, last week I found a 4-legged TINY wolf spider in the hallway of my house. For the record, it was missing 3 legs on one side, and one of the other…so it was a tad lopsided. 130 more words


10 bright beetle illustrations and 1 silly one

The first thing I found out, was that if you search beetles, Google will ask if you meant The Beatles. The second important lesson, is that without the word insect in the search term, you’ll see a hell of a lot of VW Beetles. 34 more words