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Periodical Cicada Invasion

Periodical Cicadas spend most of their lives underground.  Depending on their species, they only come out every 13 or 17 years to mate.

I think it’s a fascinating phenomenon.   158 more words

Life Between Two Sheets

Tight but nice

When I was living in Canberra (the capital of Australia) we had a pomegranate plant (it was more a bush than a tree) that produced the odd fruit and had beautiful shiny leaves. 679 more words


Life cycle of a Vapourer Moth.

Having the privilege to watch the amazing life cycle of the Vapourer moth has been fascinating!

It was about a month ago, me and Theodore were looking around our back garden, trying to find some interesting insects to photograph and identify. 921 more words


Ubiquitous and Sublime

The sources we frequent for stories of interest appears to proclaim it butterfly season. So it’s incredibly timely that contributor Richard Kostecke should have sent us  these beautiful photos of Sulfurs and Whites “puddling” along the road to Chan Chich Lodge. 56 more words


Scotland, Land Of Butterfly Resurgence

For a second day in a row, a butterfly story catches our attention. Small stories of unexpected good fortune are always welcome:

Rare butterfly spotted in Scotland for the first time since 1884…

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A Highway For Monarchs

Thanks to Janet Marinelli and the team at YaleEnvironment360:

Can the Monarch Highway Help Save a Butterfly Under Siege?

The population of North American monarch butterflies has plummeted from 1 billion to 33 million in just two decades.

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It was a warm day near the pond, maybe sixty to seventy degrees, slightly overcast with a gentle breeze down the hill. I was surrounded by over a hundred and fifty thousand acres of park, a pleasant mixed hardwood forest, a pond that didn’t appear on most maps… 371 more words