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Episode 4: Millipede Mania

Bugs Blood and Bones

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Today’s episode features my interview with Derek Hennen and where we talk about millions of things…or not quite that manny. 21 more words


Digitising Malaysian species | Digital Collections Programme

In collaboration with the NGO Ecotourism and Conservation Society Malaysia (ECOMY) we have begun a new digitisation project to digitise  the Museum’s collections that occur in Malaysia and its surrounding regions. 996 more words

Digital Collections

A Capital Offence: Wrestling with Nomenclature

One of the many things I do in my so-called ‘spare time’ is proof-reading for friends that are students. This week I have been proof-reading an assignment for a friend on the taxonomy of arthropods. 664 more words


Scale Insect

These sap-sucking pests attach themselves to the twigs, leaves, branches and fruits of host plants. Learn least-toxic methods of scale control here.

Common on backyard trees, ornamental shrubs, greenhouse plants and houseplants, over 1,000 species of scale insects exist in North America. 525 more words


Mounting A Butterfly 101

So, you want to mount a butterfly? You’ve come to the right place. This super-detailed, step-by-step guide will provide all the essential info you need. Whether it’s practical tips for riding your first Butterfly Derby, or making that all important first saddle and tiny set of stirrups, we’ve got all the essentials all need. 1,010 more words


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This is a really interesting article, but I resent the implication that ecologists don’t pay any attention to evolution. Of course we do! Like what is this crap in a Nature article: “Ecologists have generally ignored evolution when studying their systems; they thought it was impossible to test whether such a slow process could change ecosystems on observable timescales.” Patently false. 395 more words

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