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Moths from 15th November 2017

Put the trap out as it was a mild night and had a new for garden Ypsolopha ustella and a very late V-pug. totals were: 219 more words


Creeping and crawling through children’s literature – A meeting of “two cultures”

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend an unusual conference in Cambridge, “A Bug’s Life; Creeping and Crawling through Children’s Literature”.  It was unusual for me, as first it was at a weekend, second it was about insects in children’s books and third, all the other presenters and most of the delegates, were academics and PhD students from English departments.  1,364 more words



Perhaps I should see this movie. I hear that it is pretty lame. I sort of wanted to see it because it was filmed in Cambria, about thirty miles to the northwest of where Brent and I were in our last year of studying horticulture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo at the time. 568 more words


Rhinoceros beetle! 

Found this poor guy trapped amongst some debris at a gas station. Surrounded by a concrete jungle, he most likely wouldn’t have survived. Took him home and fed him and will release in the bush. 13 more words


Ant-Hunting Dogs

Ants are the masters of the planet we live on. There is no escaping that. But if these dogs can protect us from some of the more sinister ants, we have these trainers to thank: 378 more words


Gulf Coast Autumn: Orange

A gathering of the clan
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The large milkweed bug, Oncopeltus fasciatus,  feeds on the seeds, leaves and stems of assorted milkweeds. 294 more words


Saved by a Beetle

I found a history lesson sitting on my sweet peas.

In November 1793 thirty-one year-old Pierre André Latreille found himself locked in a French prison, a priest who refused to swear an oath of allegiance to the state. 239 more words

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