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Peacock Spiders!

Thanks to the Guardian for this reminder that nature is generous, bestowing vibrant colors in the most unexpected places:

Two new peacock spiders identified in Western Australia…

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Odd Books: All About the Insect World

Years ago I started buying books that no one else was likely to buy simply because I thought they deserved a loving home. Since then my library of adopted volumes has grown to a hundred or more that have little in common beyond their pleasant eccentricities. 681 more words


National Moth Week 2018 (July 21-July 29)

National Moth Week is once again here. Running for an entire week, this event is dedicated to the appreciation of the often overlooked and underappreciated brethren of the butterflies……moths. 186 more words

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Join The Butterfly Count

Thanks to the Guardian for bringing this to our attention:

Sir David Attenborough urges British public to join butterfly count

Veteran broadcaster encourages people to take part in Big Butterfly Count and highlights mental health benefits of wildlife…

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The Green (Goblin) Beetle

I found this rather large dead beetle outside my house and was taken by the bright green sheen and intricacy of its “under” side. (Can you tell I’m not an… 60 more words

A Musing...or Two

Dung Beetle Celestial Navigation

Dung beetles use the Milky Way Galaxy to navigate. The dung beetleā€™s eyes are much too small and imprecise to see individual stars, however they are accurate enough to see the presence of the stars within the Milky Way Galaxy itself. 51 more words