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If a flea were the size of a human could it really jump over the Eiffel Tower?

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Quite a lengthy one for you this time.

The ‘well-known fact’ that If a flea were the size of a human, it could jump over the Eiffel Tower… 1,541 more words


Wonderful Insects Coloring Book by Swedish artist Emma Hultén

I’m exited to introduce to you Emma Hultén, a Swedish illustrator and biologist who for several years was a scientific illustrator for the Swedish Museum of Natural History. 583 more words

Coloring Book

2016 MEA Award Winners!!

There are many great reasons for researchers and students to become active in the MEA, but the many cash awards for student presentations, posters, and scholarships should be reason enough for entomology students in this region to attend the annual meetings. 448 more words


Bee Inspired

Eoin Dillon

The threats facing our pollinators 1,032 more words


E.S. Cropconsult: Week 15

The field season had winded down by late September, but I did manage to find a spidermite munching on an aphid.


To bee or not to bee...

When is a bee not a bee? When it’s a fly masquerading as a bee and presumably gaining protection against predators that would fear the sting of a real bee. 63 more words


How well do we know our NZ insect fauna? Survey results

If you don’t feel like reading everything I have put my major findings in bold type and there is a set of conclusions and resources at the bottom of the post… 2,023 more words