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Eating Insects in Bangkok

With a very limited time and budget I had to make really wise decisions as to which items on my Thailand bucket list must be prioritized and which ones had to be reconsidered on my next visit. 977 more words

Carbon neutral dinner

Surprisingly, the most eco-friendly source of meaty protein I have encountered is also the lowest tech – mussels.

Most forms of animal proteins are known for not being great for the environment, taking up water, energy and farmed food to grow. 486 more words


So what can I eat?

With there being billions of different species of invertebrates with hundreds of different ways to defend themselves from becoming lunch for others.

So what the hell can I eat as an entomophagist. 538 more words


Protein of the Future: Save Cows, Eat Insects - From Home!

The world’s first desktop farm for edible insects promises to do more than put bugs on people’s plates: Livin Farms aims to empower individuals to start a food revolution from the comfort of their kitchen. 675 more words


What is Entomophagy?

Entomophagy is the human use of insects as food. So an Entomophagist simply eats insects/invertebrates as food.

Why eat insects.

This is a question I get asked a LOT, but it has a very simple answer. 214 more words


Waiter, there are many flies in my soup!

Eating insects. Surely it’s a disgusting picture for most of us (Europeans). In fact, we tend to undermine them and judge “backward” the societies that (still) eat them. 766 more words

Word of the Week: Entomophagy

By Cynthia Dominguez, Opinions Editor

Entomophagy (en-tuh-MAW-fuh-jee) is defined as the practice of eating insects, specifically by people. Throughout the world, approximately 3,000 ethnic groups eat insects, whether it be for nutritional value or for seasoning. 125 more words