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Mealworm & Cricket Satay Sauce

I’ve been dying to try this meal worm satay sauce recipe from eatgrub.co.uk and today I have the chance.
However when I got to my mealworms I realised I only had 9g of mealworms left :( So I made up the rest with 12g of leftover cricket legs which I remove for my other recipes. 313 more words

Eating Insects

Cricket Stroganoff

I know insects work wonderfully with beautiful Asian flavours like chilli and lime. But personally I like to mix things up, and as much as I love Asian food I wouldn’t be able to eat it 7 days a week. 220 more words

Eating Insects

Cricket Jemput-Jemput Recipe

I’ve been eating jemput-jemput since I was a kid – it’s a Malaysian/Indonesian favourite. These crunchy fritters are traditionally made with chicken, prawns or ikan bilis (dried anchovies) or as a sweet with banana. 176 more words

Eating Insects

The Insect Larder

We’re a squeamish lot in the West when it comes to eating insects.  We’ll happily devour other invertebrates, such as lobster and prawn, but if it has six legs we’re disgusted by the idea.  723 more words


40 Reasons to Eat Insects

A spectre is haunting the food industry – the spectre of entomophagy.

Humans have always eaten insects.

You however, have probably not.

Edible insects (a.k.a. 3,303 more words

Hello world!

Welcome to BugBitesUK!

Here I’m going to document my journey into the VERY EXCITING world of entomophagy….insect eating in other words.

I’ll keep you updated on: 28 more words

Eating Insects

The Adventure Begins

9.6 billion. According to the UN, that will be the world’s population in 2050. With natural resources already under tremendous strain and the world’s food needs still not being met, it’s clear that something will soon have to change. 456 more words