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Bugs on the Menu to Debut on Documentary Channel Oct 11th! & Its Future

The feature-length movie Bugs on the Menu will soon be served across Canada beginning Tuesday, October 11 (9pm ET / 6pm PT) on CBC Canada’s  363 more words


Minnesota Silkworm Project asks food creatives to put a new "spin" on a favorite dish

Attention food creatives! The Minnesota Silkworm Project is nearing the end of the 2016 growing season. This means that the silkworms we’ve been growing during the summer are beginning to spin cocoons and enter into the pupal stage of their life cycle. 43 more words

Bombyx Mori

A Chef's Take on Wine and Bugs

Ken Navarro, creator of Rule of Yum, did not hesitate when he received the strange offer. “Want to come to a wine & cheese pairing? 1,307 more words


Eat the Ant

Public awareness of the environmental impact of large scale agriculture, specifically meat production, is increasing every day. The fact is, if we don’t change things now, we run the risk of hitting a tipping point in temperature increases which could unleash a series of devastating natural disasters, … 947 more words


Mexican style rice with grasshoppers (entomophagy 101)

I firmly believe insects of the future of food. And why not? 2 billion people consume them as part of their usually diet. Many of us begin the day with bee vomit spread on baked flour paste inflated with fungus (honey and bread for anyone who didn’t get that). 412 more words


Fueled by Crickets

“We’re the Baugh brothers, identical twins born and raised in Colorado with a passion for an active lifestyle and adventure. Our free time is spent skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, powerlifting, auto racing, cycling, and backpacking.” 1,342 more words


Meet the Trouble Makers Behind Critter Bitters

We chatted with Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops, co-founders of Critter Bitters. They say that though cocktails won’t save the world, eating bugs might. 954 more words