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Company Highlight: Coast Protein Cricket Protein Bars

Around 40 years ago the U.S. did not relish the idea of consuming raw fish. Many, in fact, even considered eating raw fish barbaric… something for the uncultured or poor. 1,311 more words


MRP: Optimising rearing conditions for black solider flies – Julian Beniers

Julian Beniers is a man with a mission. Before he even applied for the MSc course, he had formulated his Master’s Research Project (MRP), methods and all. 422 more words


We ATE What?? | Episode 034

Edible bugs are all the rage!  80% of the world’s population enjoy insects  as a healthy part of their daily diet.  Packed full of nutrients insects are earth friendly foods.   107 more words

Podcast Episodes


Starting from now, each week, I am going to test out 1 insect based nutritional brand. Today, let me introduce you the UK based EATGRUB… 1,033 more words

Semi-Automatic Water Station for Crickets

In 2015 I was working on multiple projects to find ways to help insect farmers with their two main issues: Farming requires too much manual work and that there are too many risks in farming. 862 more words

Quirky Thursday-Eating Termites

I have 3 adorable sisters, one of whom is always trying to push me out of my comfort zone.  She recently pushed me out of a boat because I was hesitating getting in the water. 339 more words

Starter Kit for Ento-Entrepreneurs

Lately quite a few people have reached out for me for tips for starting a new Insect for Food and Feed- companies. I very happy to see the industry growing and it is my pleasure to help out. 548 more words