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Meal Worm Fried Rice

So now that you are semi familiar with insects as a food source, you are probably beginning to wonder how exactly you are meant to introduce insects into your daily diet. 328 more words


They are the new super food. . . but why? - The health benefits of eating insects

Setting aside the environmental benefits of farming and eating insects… Today I think we should discuss the health and nutritional benefits of incorporating insects into your daily diet!  361 more words


Food? Cultural Perspectives

People around the world have a number of “strange” cultural practices. While – to the common eye – these practices are perceived as “strange”, anthropologists approach them with an “unbiased eye,” which helps them gain an appreciation for diversity rather than impose their own cultural beliefs on the people they study. 652 more words


When Sustainability Meets Entomophagy

Think back to your last sushi date? Did you know that sushi was not always considered palatable by the Western world?! Only recently did sushi become one the trendiest food items on the menu. 801 more words


Pick and mix 2 – more eclectic links

Ten more links to peruse or not.

Not just British hedgehogs, but French hedgehogs are also on the decline

If you are a lover of Wisteria then… 194 more words


Company Highlight: Coast Protein Cricket Protein Bars

Around 40 years ago the U.S. did not relish the idea of consuming raw fish. Many, in fact, even considered eating raw fish barbaric… something for the uncultured or poor. 1,311 more words