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Eating bugs: Recipes, pictures and a review of cricket powder, crickets and mealworms!

Trust me, eating crickets and mealworms was not on my radar 3 weeks ago. Sure, I’d forced down a chocolate coated cricket years ago at a bug exhibit at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, but that was the end of my bug eating. 2,205 more words

Menu Planning

Cricket Falafels

This was my first attempt at working with the cricket powder. i wanted to go with a vegetarian base recipe and the earthy flavors of falafel seemed like a natural match to the also earthy flavor of the crickets. 440 more words


Cooking high protein dishes with tasty, nutritious and sustainable bugs.

After much success using edible insects with my GCSE groups during their product development work, I decided to introduce the concept of entomophagy (that is ‘insect eating’) during a practical lesson with my year 10 group. 834 more words

Food Education

Researching Insects for Malnutrition: Where Will Entomophagy Have the Biggest Impact?

I love when someone rocks my world with a new point of view, it’s a good day. A great day. Darja Dobermann provided that when she suggested we might be focusing our marketing efforts of entomophagy in the wrong areas. 2,687 more words


Insects, Italian Cuisine, and "Natural Remedies"

And entomophagy continues to collect momentum in the press! The Digital Journal released a nice piece a few days ago titled, “Are insects better than Italian cuisine? 606 more words


David George Gordon, The Bug Chef

Adriana Janovich of The Spokesman-Review wrote a delicious article the other day about David George Gordon, better known as The Bug Chef. I loved the interview so much, and the recipes he shared with The Spokesman-Review, that I had to share it with you all below: 2,140 more words


Are we Showboating Edible Insects?

There’s nothing I love more than discussing emerging issues with members of the ento community. A few weeks ago, I received a slightly critical comment to my blog post on  2,196 more words