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Butterfly in my belly

Alright, I think I’m finally ready to talk about it. There’s no way I could’ve told you any sooner, since I was noticeably shaken in the days following the incident.  729 more words


Article Submission: Insects for a Snack?

by Loloah Chamoun

If I told you that I could incorporate insects into your diet without you even noticing, would you believe me?

In January 2015, I, along with a few fellow classmates, embarked on an eye-opening journey that taught us a lot about the ever-growing food insecurity issue. 1,038 more words


Collective Consciousness in High Scale Insect Farming

In the Finnish national broadcast company’s radio channel Yle Puhe there was a great program by a man called Jari Sarasvuo.  His latest talk show encouraged me to right this post. 661 more words

News Roundup: Autumn 2015.

Disease eradications, Bee vaccinations and Entomophagy- catch up on all the latest entomological news stories you might have missed!

Risks of Eating Insects

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have recently published a… 709 more words


Australian man missing for 6 days in bush ate black ants to survive

A 62-year-old man has been rescued after he went missing in a remote part of the Australian outback.

But how he managed to survive for six days might give you the “creepy crawlies.” 336 more words


The metamorphosis of eating insects, from the world to UGA

Instead of stepping on them, Marianne Shockley wants you to eat them.

While inside the storage room of her Insect Zoo, surrounded by about 40 cages containing a tarantula named Rosie, a praying mantis named Charlie, roaches, walking sticks and beetles, Shockley gave advice to those new to the idea of crunching creepy-crawlies. 1,114 more words


Time to Rustle Up Some Grub!

So you heard about the health and sustainability benefits of eating insects and want to try entomophagy, huh? I had thought about doing this for years, so I embarked on an adventure to raise mealworms and make recipes from six different continents: Mealworm Tacos, Mealworm Lettuce Wraps, Mealworm-Meat Pie, and Cricket Flour Crepes.   2,196 more words