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The West’s Missing Food Group

How do you like your critters, fried, crumbled or dipped in chocolate?  774 more words


Edible Insect Markets to Expand in Africa

The sun was shining brightly last Sunday in beautiful Santa Monica as I sat down with a closet friend to enjoy some mimosas and brunch food. 600 more words


The Future of Sports Nutrition May Contain Insects

What do you get when you combine a shared passion for outdoor sports, nature, and healthy food? Fit people. Fit people who have great ideas… like making protein bars out of crickets. 1,394 more words


Entomophagy - Today's Pests are Tomorrow's Steak and Chips.

Did you ever look at a grasshopper and wonder what it would taste like? Or, perhaps you were like me and you ate earwigs when you were young, causing your mother undue stress? 463 more words


Weird Food 4: Scorpion

It’s finally going to happen. This week, I am finally going to indulge one of the darkest corners of my curiosity and try surströmming, the notoriously horrible-smelling Swedish fermented herring. 600 more words

Weird Food

Buckwheat Pancakes with Cricket Flour!

Making these pancakes was easy; taking a picture of them wasn’t.  Food photography is hard!  Anyhow, I discovered buckwheat and now I am in love.  Buckwheat is so nutritious and full of protein, fiber, and magnesium which we all could use more of.   112 more words

Eating Insects

Weird Food 3: Centipede

I’ve always known people ate a lot of different bugs, but never in a million years did I think there were edible centipedes. But, apparently, the Chinese red-headed centipede is a folk remedy in China and a traditional food among Aboriginal Australians. 406 more words

Weird Food