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#StopSucking says Adrian Grenier, save the planet

In effort to save the planet and keep the ocean clean Adrian Grenier encourages people to #StopSucking.

Straws are ending up in the ocean and it’s going off to the sea at a fast and furious pace. 157 more words

What's Happening

'Star Wars' Screenwriter Sues Tinder Date For Threatening To Blackmail Him Like 'Entourage'

Derek Connolly, a Hollywood screenwriter who worked on the new Star Wars and Jurassic World, is suing a Tinder date after claiming she attempted to blackmail him. 249 more words


Korean Dramas Adopt Pre-Produced Format to Mixed Results

Enjoying pan-Asian popularity, Korean TV series have long been known for their live-shoot production format.

Most Korean TV series start airing after shooting just a few episodes. 626 more words


If each day of the week was a movie genre

It looks like Buzzfeed has a subconscious effect on my writing process as my first blog idea is incredibly clickbaity but I haven’t seen it done before and I know I’ll have a good-time writing it. 1,059 more words



Buoyant: (adj) able or apt to stay afloat

I was nearly sixteen years old before I worked up the courage to take my shirt off and slide into a swimming pool with other people my age. 418 more words

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How to Plan a Wedding

Hi there! Just to give you a heads up, all information here are based on my experience as a soon-to-be-bride. I decided to create a blog to document our preparations and it would be an honor if somehow this blog would help you too in your preparations :) 629 more words


Planning a Wedding? Here's a Super Helpful Must Have List for You!

I just thought of starting a wedding planning series to commemorate my brother’s wedding. So lucky for all the┬áreaders who are planning a wedding soon! 398 more words