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Another Thought

Today at work one of the women told one of the men that “if all men were like him then the world would be a better place”. 321 more words

Entourage Swag, Continued

Here at HardMoshi, we’re particularly interested in the return of the retinue. While it was always par for the course for US Presidents to travel with a regiment of security guys and political dogsbodies, the idea of a coterie of hangers-on as a symbol of political power has waxed and waned elsewhere. 590 more words

Non Classé

Q&A: Hot link to wrong mail client

Q When I worked for my previous employer, all email was handled in Microsoft Entourage. Now I have left that job, I have switched to Gmail, with which I am very happy. 131 more words


Q&A: Moving on from Entourage

Q I now need to upgrade our MacBook to El Capitan, which I gather is no longer compatible with Microsoft Entourage 2008. How should I migrate its accounts and messages to Outlook 2016? 161 more words


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