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10 pics you have to take with your bridesmaids

Just like Taylor Swift has her own squad, this is your team who would make things work for you. Here are 10 pics you should have with your wonder girls. 142 more words



2 out of 5 stars (In-Flight movie #2)

I do not find the movie version of the long running HBO TV series as detestable as most reviews do. 114 more words


Building an Entourage

There are two types of entourages: those made up of yes men that eventually take you out of the game; and, those who work with you to build mutual success. 406 more words


Entourage Life.

So I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to check out the new Entourage movie. I fuckin love the show so I was hoping the movie would be just as good. 290 more words


Etiquette for Home Buyers

Have you ever experienced being scrutinized when you’re buying a home? It’s normal with the buying process. Of course, the seller wants their home to pass on to someone nicer or way less annoying. 634 more words

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Blizzard '16: That was a lot of Snow

From six inches in the beginning of the week to well over two feet, that storm definitely escalated quickly.

I originally had plans to watch the latest… 313 more words


Internet Is Clamoring Over This Russian Guy Who Looks Like A Fat Face Leonardo DiCaprio

This my friends is an oxymoron. You can’t just say he looks like a version of Leonardo DiCaprio if Leo were an average person. You can tell me this Russian officer looks somewhat similar, sure. 218 more words