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New TvN Drama Entourage Releases Amusing 1st Teaser

Our five showbiz leads are off to a fun start in this quirky teaser for upcoming the Korean adaptation of US hit Entourage.  My only complaint is that it just gives the barest glimpse of what is in store for us viewers. 64 more words

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Second Teaser Trailer Released for Korean Drama Entourage

We have a second teaser trailer out for the tvN remake of the popular American series Entourage starring Seo Kang Joon, Lee Kwang Soo, Park Jung Min, and Lee Dong Hwi. 186 more words


The Girl of his Dreams

Meet Blushing Bride Tipin. I met her years back as our friend Rolph introduced her as his girlfriend. Of course our barkada strongly approved, I even remember telling Rolph “alagaan mo yan ah!” When I received an email from Tipin to schedule a meeting with me, I was already excited while typing a reply because it was really a big deal for me. 76 more words

Bridal Couturier Manila Philippines

entourage drops teaser

HA. The first thing I noticed was Kwang Soo’s incredibly long legs stretched out from the back of the private jet cabin. I have no clue to what happened in the English version and I’m honestly not too interested in the Korean version either. 26 more words


What I'm Watching: Entourage season 7

Honestly, the highlight of this season for me is smarmy Bob Sagat. According to interviews, the first season they had trouble getting guest stars, but after that everybody wanted to be on and it was tricky to find places for them to appear.

What I'm Watching: Entourage season 2

In season 2, we see the boys returned from New York and Vince up for the lead in Aquaman. Considering my fascination with Jason Momoa, this is now hysterical to me.