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Quotes on Film Posters- an Opinion Piece

My rating of a film will never appear on the poster for a film. Nor (I imagine)will Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckman, Moviebob or any of the other film critics that inhabit YouTube. 312 more words


S2E4: Entourage


The boys are back and we’ve got the deets from both sides of the fandom divide. Die hard vs occasional viewer. Will Steve and I but heads like on Aloha? Tune in to find out.


5 Minutes with Kevin Dillon

Entourage’s Johnny “Drama” Chase, opens up about the series, the movie, and the boys. As the loveable but often explosive half-brother to Vincent Chase, “Drama” is the eldest in the entourage looking after the group and helping them navigate Hollywood with his vast acting experience in supporting roles and cult classics in TV and film. 835 more words


Entourage TV series, review

Here is information, that may take 2-3 weeks from your life. Be careful!

TV series Entourage has great rating on IMDb – 8,6 and 8 seasons to watch. 283 more words


NBA free agency is similar to Roofing free agency.

NBA, NBA, NBA is all we’re hearing this week. Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, ESPN, NBC, or chatting in the office. We are on the cusp of our country’s day of birth and it seems the NBA wild west of free agency has overshadowed the conversation. 782 more words


Why you NEED to watch HBO's "Ballers" (With Full First Episode)

Oh HBO, you’ve done it again. I’m hopelessly in love with another set of characters starring in yet another show about nothing. You’ve cleverly bridged the gap between bro-lifestyle porn programming with the well thought out timing of the… 636 more words

Cool Story

Emerald Reprobates Podcast Episode 62

On this episode we talk kruising with Kiss and camping with Leto. Also some sport and of course a film or two.

Spoiler policy: We see it, We spoil it! 62 more words

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