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Fall Flavors Series: Vegan Caramel Apples + Butternut Squash Curry

This fall, it’s my goal to go to the apple orchard (and to make the boy come with). Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by gorgeous fall foliage, delicious, freshly-picked apples and maybe an apple donut dipped into apple cider? 693 more words


Avocado Baked Eggs

I don’t know about you but I absolutely have to eat breakfast in the morning. It’s a must! Or else my stomach will not stop growling… But who has time to make breakfast? 169 more words


Scalloped Root Vegetables

This year we grew a variety of multi colored beets, including red & white marbled and yellow beets. I am convinced, when it comes to fruits and vegetables, that the deeper the color the more nutritious. 385 more words


Zucchini (Lasagna?) Casserole

This dish was a win win for our second big meal of the day, winning both Faye’s and my approval. I was hesitant to use the word lasagna in describing or naming this dish, but Faye brought up the term so I’m including it parenthetically in the title. 210 more words


Watercress Soup

I really love soups. In fact, I grew up drinking soup before and after every supper when I lived at home with my family. I miss that… 178 more words


Eggplant (Parmesan) Asiago

Last night we got a call from the neighbor warning us that she would be bringing over some eggplant in the morning. I laid awake last night wracking my brain, thinking of ways to make eggplant palatable. 357 more words


Sliced Tomatoes with Pesto & Pasta

Handful of fresh or dried pasta
2-3 Tomatoes (preferably heirloom)
Homemade or store bought pesto (I used homemade arugula pesto)
Shaved parmesan
Crushed red pepper… 49 more words