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Carol Milne knitted glass, WWKIP wrap up

Remember Carol Milne’s knitted glass entrelac from Madrona? (More pictures in that link.)

I sponsored a piece, and it just arrived in the mail, along with a postcard of Carol Milne wearing her finished creation last month. 161 more words


The Multi-Tasker

by Lee Louise

Meet Sarah the Camera Shy. Writing this post has been rather stressful all around, rather like pulling teeth, as I nagged Sarah to share some pictures. 184 more words

Finished - The Biggest Entrelac In The World

It’s done!  Celebrate with me!

The early days.

Here is a picture before completion.  You see why it may be the biggest entrelac piece in the world. 106 more words


Being well-behaved (i.e., not posting too often)

There is so much to post about that I’ve been deliberately holding back for fear of trying to get it all written  down while it’s cerebrally present. 246 more words


Tunisian Entrelac Tote Bag

One of my favorite totes. It’s so bright and cheery it makes you smile just looking at it.

I have an abundance of Lily Sugar N’ Cream yarn in my stash and wanted a new market bag. 19 more words


Completed - Tunisian Crochet Entrelac Style Baby Blanket


Thank you for all the support you have given me for my first crochet pattern :) (please see this post if you’re wondering what it is) 257 more words


Challenge Yourself

I tried for years (unsuccessfully) to teach myself to knit. I could do the basic stitch, but I couldn’t purl and I had no idea how increases or decreases worked. 297 more words