From bouncy castle sales to pizza delivery. Find out how alumnus Jon Catney went from student to entrepreneur!

Chimpsta enables mobility and creative, image taking freedom! 

In this entrepreneurial guest lecture we learn about how and why Oh So Chimp (previously Chimpsta) was started and what advice alumnus and Managing Director Jon Catney has for enterprising students. 136 more words


Motivation and Confidence.

Driving back, with Gabriel’s oboe playing the city lights and chaos after losing five sets were a haze. I lost the last doubles match in the same way I lost an important one in a tournament couple of months ago. 950 more words



Time is money, some people say. Time flies, say others. Time is precious. Time is all life is made of. Millions of moments of decisions and consequences, actions and results. 19 more words


The Year in Review for Texas Middle Market Companies

Did you know that there is an organization that focuses on a broad range of research about middle market companies and the issues they face?  191 more words


7 Kunci Sukes Berbisnis On Line

Mengelola bisnis, baik on-line maupun off-line, ibarat memelihara anak mulai dari tahapan janin hingga lahir dan tumbuh besar. Semuanya butuh proses dan penanganan yang berbeda-beda dalam tiap fasenya. 1,103 more words


Suka Duka Bisnis Kuliner

Awal 2013 adalah tahun pertama saya menjadi “fully entrepreneur”, saya memutuskan berhenti kerja dari perusahaan export-import di Surabaya, dan “NEKAD” melompat dari zona kiri menuju zona kanan. 1,012 more words


Shark Tank episode aired December 9, 2016

The annual Shark Tank Christmas show aired last night. Although there was no single business that got me too excited, there were several lessons to be learned from this episode’s entrepreneurs. 417 more words

Mark Cuban