Taming the Elephant: Prepare Now to Avoid Pain Later

Your lawyer places an urgent call to you while you are on vacation. You hear the news with a sense of dread, anger and frustration: your company has just been served with a Litigation Hold Notice or Discovery Request. 658 more words

Trusted Advisor

Starting a business...while working 9-5.

Believe it or not, most people don’t start off as entrepreneurs. Starting a venture often co-occurs with working and/or going to school. Although it is possible to save enough money to live off of while starting your own business, few people will find themselves in the circumstances to do so. 576 more words

Don't Let Yourself Be Defeated

Today, my husband’s flight to Knoxville was one of the 1350 flights canceled in the last 30 hours by Delta Airlines.

Apparently, Delta couldn’t just turn it off, wait ten seconds and turn it back on like the rest of us do. 141 more words

Today I am happy.

So it’s almost been two weeks since I handed in my notice.. And I don’t regret it for a SECOND.. Let me tell you why. 284 more words


Audit Your Success Path with these 5 Questions

Your success is the purpose of this blog.

Those who have been on their own success path for a while know there is a point where stopping to review, assess, and align is key to re-clearing the path that leads to  your final vision. 291 more words


The life of a startup

I haven’t written a post in a while, and for good reason… I’ve been snowed under with my startup. So what’s it like working in the startup world? 1,330 more words