Working Mommy

So I’ve read a few of these types of articles over the past few years, and yes they all resonate in one way or another. And although each of our journeys is different, we are all ultimately trying to do the same thing. 1,711 more words


Are We Always Learning?

If you ask anyone this question, they will probably say yes. But how many people really internalise it?

I was recently at a course, run by the amazing General Assembly. 623 more words


How To Plan On Quitting

It’s often viewed as noble to be determined.

“Never Quit!” is the mantra of Generals, business gurus, and marathon runners. You’ve probably heard it said so many times that you might think success is simply the ability to keep persevering, no matter what. 1,515 more words


4 things entrepreneurs should do before meeting investors

Investor meetings must never be taken lightly. Following certain steps will ensure that the end result of the meeting is feasible.  Meeting investors have to be a mutually beneficial gathering where both the parties see some value. 627 more words


Running your own Business - Billings

Running your own business also means doing your own billings, or accounts, or invoicing each month. Most start-ups will handle this process themselves so as to reduce overheads, and as the business grows they may outsource this function or even hire an assistant to manage the financial running of things on their behalf. 707 more words


Serena Williams accepts a new challenge — in Silicon Valley

Tennis star Serena Williams has 39 Grand Slam titles, four Olympic medals, major endorsement deals and her own line of clothing and accessories. Now she is embarking on a new mission: She says she wants to help tech companies diversify their workforces and solve one of the industry’s most vexing problems. 742 more words


Running your own Business – Templates

When starting up a new business, a new hobby, a new system, a new idea, the best way to work through things is to setup templates. 372 more words