Your own definition of SUCCESS

When we talk about success, we immediately think about money and wealth, we imagine properties and fancy cars because that is what is taught to us as “success” but real success cannot be tied to a material thing or any particular goods, success is just a perception and we commonly make the mistake of taking others perception of success as ours. 218 more words


7 Reasons WHY GenX choose Remain Renters…Alternative?

First, it is easy for GenX to budget for rent each month.  They would not face with any surprised up-keeping cost such repairing a washer machine or air conditioner.  327 more words

Business Consultant

ADL Creatives // Amber Cronin

Amber Cronin, young entrepreneur and Co-Founder/Artistic Director of The Mill, co-working space. Amber was kind enough to take time out to talk to me about the highs and lows of being your own boss, and why you just have to do it. 1,313 more words


Is your business drab?

If you want to hide, wear beige or grey.

Tis modern day camouflage my friend- letting you get up to whatever it is you shouldn’t be doing. 273 more words


All Work. No Play

This time last year I was about to be phenomenally stupid.

I was about to work a:

  • Full-time job in a health shop.
  • Part-time as a housekeeper for six weeks.
  • 356 more words