September 12 is Demo Day at MIT!

It’s like the first day of school jitters magnified a thousand times … MIT’s Demo Day is coming September 12th!

What is Demo Day?

Demo Day is an event put on by the… 311 more words


Akron Women in Tech: One Year Grown!

I didn’t post a One More Move article yesterday because I was attending the One Year Anniversary of Akron Women in Tech! It was at the Nightlight Theater in Akron and the event went pretty well. 239 more words


Career Planning 101: My Daughter Won't Be Your Corporate Drone

I can’t vouch for the complete accuracy of this transcript. But it went something like this.

Teacher: “So what are you going to do for a career dear?” 121 more words


21 Ways to Get Publicity

Do you know what made Dr. Phil famous? It was his weekly appearances on Oprah.

Was he the world’s smartest psychologist? Is he the most handsome? 504 more words

Small Business

The Captain Critiques the Croissant

I always root for the local, independent business.  I appreciate a well run multi-million dollar corporation as much as the next guy, but my heart is with the entrepreneur trying to make a place for themselves.

657 more words


Huge sigh of accomplishment while face planting into my palms! Let’s see where I should begin this update folks… Mmmm, I suppose the beginning is that I’m still teaching. 370 more words