Shark Tank episode 11-aired November 12, 2017

Three small deals in this episode. No one stood out as a can’t-miss success.

Steve and James from Reely Hooked Fish Dip certainly had a good time presenting their product to the Sharks. 405 more words

Shark Tank

Shark Tank episode 9-aired November 5, 2017

In the promo for this episode, Mark Cuban made one of my all-time favorite statements…..”Perfection is the enemy of profitability”. This is something every new entrepreneur needs to know…….if you try to make something perfect, you’ll spend too much time and money trying to reach perfection. 392 more words

Shark Tank

Shark Tank episode 8-aired November 6, 2017

Three small deals got done in this amusing episode. A big potential deal didn’t get done because of an inflated valuation. More on that later. 440 more words

Mark Cuban

It’s November and we are well into the swing of things for fourth quarter……..well at least I am. My profit plan for 2018 is already written out and I spent the day yesterday clearing out old paperwork in order to be prepared for tax season.

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15 minutes plus: Pharmasave Ontario is in promotion mode, but its chief usually isn’t

Just about every father thinks he’s a master of the grill. Few are ever challenged to prove it. Even fewer become internationally known as the BBQ Dad on both web and traditional media. 898 more words

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Shark Tank episode 3-aired October 8, 2017

Each of the four entrepreneurs appearing in episode 3 got a deal.

If this was a baseball game, I would describe the four deals as a bunt single, a base on balls, reached on an error, and a home run that bounced off the right fielder’s glove and fell into the stands. 457 more words

Shark Tank

Hackathons and Incubators

Following the success of the #SheHacks hackathon in July, Girl Geek Academy hosted the world’s largest female incubator program. Saturday night saw the celebration of the #SheHacks program with a lovely cocktail function; complete with cupcakes of course. 952 more words