Manufacturing in China as an American Designer — Discover

“China is not a scary place. It is many things, but scary is not one of them. If you are interested in doing business in China, just go….

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Lessons from a local coffee company

Doomed to Fail

Even those who are unfamiliar with business may know the old adage that coffee shops are “doomed to fail.”

Trevor Corlett, owner of Madcap of Coffee Company in downtown Grand Rapids, suggests that many people who open coffee shops do so under the false perception that there is nothing to it. 947 more words


Tips Memilih Abaya

Sudah bukan rahasia lagi, dunia mode busana muslim di Indonesia berkembang sangat cepat. Hampir setiap minggu selalu ada desain dan model baru mulai dari pernak-pernik hijab hingga abaya satu paket dengan khimarnya. 591 more words


Clarence Leonard

Title: CEO

Company: Lost Art Productions LLC

Location: Louisiana, LA 11 more words


Paul E. Fortin

Title: Manufacturer, Entrepreneur

Company: CUIR À FER INC.

Location: Quebec, Canada 12 more words


Latesha Lipscomb: August 5x5 Night Winner

For Latesha Lipscomb, winning 5×5 Night last month was a long time coming.

“I wasn’t going to do it,” Lipscomb said. “I had done 5×5 twice in the past, and I had come really close to being able to present, but each time I was devastated because I wasn’t selected. 469 more words

Entrepreneur Zoe Bruyn stirs things up

It’s no secret that there are limited employment opportunities for individuals with special needs.

In a 2015 survey conducted by the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD), 57 percent of respondents with Down syndrome reported working paid jobs in some capacity, and only 3 percent of those reported working full time. 742 more words