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Need another follower for your blog/website…? Well, if you just let us know by leaving your blog/website below, we’ll come and visit your blog for you and follow everyone who does too! 378 more words

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The Paradox of What Makes Something Go Viral (1 min read)

So what’s the secret to making something go viral? It starts with making something that people have no choice but to care about.

Something both so personal, but simultaneously so universal and human that not sharing it would seem selfish or “out of whack.” 85 more words

Millionaire's Digest

China's industrial northeast opens its doors wider to foreign investors

“The local government offers many benefits, such as easing company registration, providing discounts for factory and office space, and giving family …
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'People help': Cache refugee group gets a new office space

The Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection's schedule was tough to follow before they moved into their new office space on South Main.
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7 Things that Can Make You Look like a Successful Entrepreneur (1 min read)

1. Fake it. You’ll make it. The same principle is at play in “fake it till you make it.” If you act in a certain way, your feelings, emotions, confidence levels, and overall attitude will gravitate in that direction. 21 more words


OUR VIEW: Fall a good time to take a hike

At the “Getting Busy Again Corner,” for instance, buildings breathe with new life. The Lux … Upstairs are apartments and office space. As you hike up … 11 more words


Opportunities await at Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center

Stockburger said 51 percent of the businesses occupying office space at the center must be energy related because of the public funding the center … 11 more words