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A Slide by Slide Guide to a Killer Investor Pitch

I’ve seen thousands of entrepreneurs pitch in dozens of different pitch formats, but the following is the format I’d recommend. I’ve compiled this through my own experience as an investor, the best of the existing resources I found, and input from several angel investors.   686 more words



Dame Dash has been the talk of the blogs for the last 2 years for his outspokenness and independent conversations toward the new entrepreneurs. Dame has always been a self made entrepreneur from his time as a CEO of Rocafella Records, his clothing venture Rachel Roy, his art gallery and much more. 127 more words


What investors want is irrelevant. You can opt out

Source : Times of India

Published on 17 July, 2015

After 22 years in the US during which she founded two startups, Vani Kola returned to India in 2006. 833 more words

Venture Capital


Today is a major day for Google as the share went skyrocketing up on the stick market meaning shareholders had a great payday. Lets get more familiar by saying Larry Page and Sergey Brin have gained about $4Billions more today because of Google stock going up. 66 more words


Top 5 Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Master!!

It is a never-ending dispute as to whether entrepreneurs are born or shaped. But the actual secrets of entrepreneurial skills are the polished efforts that sets them apart. 576 more words

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Innovation in the form of…pepperoni?

If you are Domenic Primucci and are president of Pizza Nova, well then, yes, absolutely, innovation takes the form of pepperoni. Specifically, antibiotic and hormone-free pepperoni. 364 more words

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Spotlight on Daniele Grassi and Timeneye

Daniele Grassi got hooked into computers at an early age. “When I was eight years old,” he says, “my mom was employed by an accountant and worked from home, and I was fascinated by the computer she used (one of the first PCs), by the sound that the keyboard made, and by the sense you had, while typing away, that you could really program that box to do whatever you wanted”. 484 more words