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AMERICAN MONSTER GUILD (AMG) is a Music Management company founded in 2010 by Devon Brabham out of a basic need for a management company created for artist development, booking, talent agency for upcoming artists and premier musical expression. 616 more words


Hey Silicon Valley VCs: We’ve Got 8 Female-led Startups Right Here

We hear it all the time from Silicon Valley VC firms, corporate boards, and the C-suite. It goes something like this: “We WANT to have more women in our ranks, but we just can’t find enough great candidates.” The perception on diversity in pipelines is entrenched, and so long as the seekers continue to rely only on their networks for candidates, the dynamic is self-perpetuating. 172 more words


Hey Women: Take up More Space and Ask Brilliant Questions

I woke up in the middle of the night last night – a night that falls toward the end of the inaugural class in the MergeLane accelerator for companies with at least one female leader. 686 more words


10 Things I Wish I Knew Then That I Know Now

Life would have been so different had I known then what I know now.

Not from the work and life experiences I’ve gained over my time on earth, … 425 more words

Comfort Zone

5 ways to stay motivated in business!

5 ways to stay motivated in business!

Struggling to stay motivated in business? It can be hard to keep things moving both naturally and emotionally when you are responsible for running your own business. 526 more words


How to Ask for an Angel Investor Intro

I am asked to make an introduction to people in my network several times per day, but unfortunately, I can’t say yes to most of these requests. 767 more words


How to Get an Angel Investor to Answer a Meeting Request

I, like many active angel investors, receive several meeting requests a day from companies looking for angel funding. As I
was going through my inbox today, I started thinking about what separates the best meeting requests from the rest of the pack. 582 more words