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“Business is about people; network every day of your life & learn how to hustle, not hassle”

That was my key message on Saturday at the 2nd annual Ada’s List conference in London.  It was also Ada’s List’s 4th birthday.  If you haven’t come across it yet Ada’s List is a global & supportive community of women in tech.  1,537 more words


Organizing Your Docs to Prep for Investor Due Diligence

Paying legal fees and organizing paperwork are not typically entrepreneurs’ favorite things to do. However, getting things in order now will help you avoid headaches in the future like tracking down a signature from an investor hiking in Peru with a 24-hour deadline for an acquisition offer, fighting a claim on your IP from the employer of the developer you hired on the side for the first month of your company, or paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxes for a misfiling with the IRS. 437 more words


Nipsey Hussle x Grindin All My Life (Produced by Murda Beatz)

From opening The Marathon Clothing  to investing in a cryptocurrency platform named Follow Coin , it’s been a very progressive year for Nip Hussle. His work ethic in and outside of the music industry has developed into various investments that have inevitably made him a pioneer for self-made millionaires. 40 more words


My Post-Mat Leave Plan

Going on mat leave for the second time this past winter was bitter sweet for me. On the one hand, I was very excited to meet my new daughter and looked forward to spending time getting to know this brand new person. 466 more words

Random Thoughts

3 Common Myths about success

What is successful for one person may not necessarily be defined as success to another person.

 We can all agree that the majority of people class being rich as being successful.                348 more words


Business Marketing : 5 Helpful tips

Marketing – 5 helpful tips  

All Businesses need some sort of marketing because without it, Businesses will not be able to get the word out to people, which means no customers, no profit and no growth. 474 more words


A Term Sheet is Not a Deal

First the good news. If you get a signed term sheet with a reputable angel or venture investor, there is a very good chance you will get a deal done. 858 more words

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