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A non-standard video pitch guide for startups

Short videos are one of the best ways for you to promote your startup to investors and clients. Firstly, they’re short, which is important for our 5-second goldfish-like attention spans. 622 more words


Technology Trends Reshaping the Future - A conversation with Padmasree Warrior

We had the pleasure of hosting Padmasree Warrior in Bangalore on Wednesday 18th Nov 2015 for a conversation on ‘Technology Trends Reshaping the Future.’ It was a fantastic event with a great mix of top entrepreneurs as well as technology leaders from companies such as Facebook, Google, IBM, Infosys, Mindtree, Intel among others. 489 more words


12 Effective Ways to Raise Your Consciousness

What defines a conscious person?  It refers to people who have an acute level of awareness and an expansive worldview.  Their life focus is exploratory by nature, therefore, unlimited. 317 more words


The basics of branding

Brand building may seem unimportant when you are still struggling to validate your market or develop your minimum viable product. However, it is important to start building your brand right from the beginning in order to attract the audience you want and make your product appeal to the exact group of people that you want to target. 453 more words


5 Things Every AngelList Profile Should Include

In preparation for our next MergeLane accelerator class, we’ve been searching high and low to find the most promising startups with at least one woman in leadership. 403 more words


10 Lessons about money and success

This week I have immersed myself into reading and learning about how the super rich made it, and how to be truly successful and the lessons I have learnt are somewhat obvious, but could be a kind reminder to keep on course or perhaps even change course. 236 more words