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They Can't Say Yes if You Don't Ask

How many times have you denied yourself the opportunity to do something because you chose not to even ask if it was a possibility? We are so scared of rejection that we would rather deny ourselves the “something” we would like to do, rather than ask and see what happens. 596 more words


This Is The Fight Of Our Lives. We Are Going To Win. Whatever It Takes || 3 storytelling lessons from the Marvel Series

I have paid attention to Tony Stark for the last 12 years.

I attached myself to the Marvel Cinematic Universe sometime in 2013. But I knew of IronMan since way before that. 767 more words


Stephen Tobolowsky on Failure.

When you fail is when you need to celebrate.
— Stephen Tobolowsky


Using Social Media to Leverage Business Success

Ready to have your business take off?

Social Media can be the solution for many businesses looking for exposure and increased sales. Posting consistently can create the brand image a business owner is looking for in the eyes of the consumers. 550 more words


Black-Owned Syrup Company Takes Off After Aunt Jemima Products Removed From Shelves

Black-Owned Syrup Company Takes Off After Aunt Jemima Products Removed From Shelves – https://t.co/7MUtiuTW2P pic.twitter.com/4dlNb14wBT

— soulPhoodie (@soulphoodie) July 14, 2020

In wake of the nationwide protests to end racial injustice, consumers have been taking major corporations to task and pressuring them to speak out against systemic racism.

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Broaden the Narratives: Mistaken Orders

I’m all about the idea of living in a kinder, more accepting, less selfish world. I want to live in a world where we all are mature enough to see a person and get to know them, instead of thinking we already do simply because we’ve “seen their type” before. 251 more words

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12 Pieces Of Advice For Starting An Online Business, From Those Who've Done It

If I wasn’t aware of it already, the Covid-19 lockdown has made me realise just how dependent I am on the internet! I have seen so many trending articles in recent months about… 1,030 more words

Covid-19 Business Impact