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What’s Your Entrepreneurship Journey?

In this constantly changing and evolving world, now more than ever many people are happily transitioning into entrepreneurship or joining the ranks involuntarily. Gone are the days where one is employed to a company for 10, 20 or 30 years. 294 more words


Dayton innovators: Local man helps patients easily consume medicine

Story excerpt provided by Dayton Daily News.

Written by Thomas Gnau.

Joe D’Silva, founder of P & C Pharma in Washington Twp., has worked for large pharmaceutical companies nearly all of his career — and always in research and development. 37 more words


Dayton, Ohio, Remains an Innovation Hub

Story excerpt provided by Government Technology.

Written by Thomas Gnau.

When the Wright Brothers flew in 1903, Dayton had more patents per capita than any other U.S. 60 more words


For one day, Akron will become Hacktown

Story excerpt provided by Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Written by Judy Stringer.

An estimated 300 Northeast Ohio college students will pull an all-nighter in Akron on Saturday, April 22, but it has nothing to do with finals or parties. 53 more words


World Record Holder Continues to Build

To remedy their boredom one summer afternoon in 2009, Jeffrey Handy and his high school buddies decided to get a trailer, fill it with cardboard boxes, and build a giant fort in his friend’s backyard. 472 more words

Think Smaller

Everyone is not Elon Musk or Larry Page. In fact, it’s extremely rare to have such a quality of big thinking such as solving “billion-person problems” and sending humans to Mars. 514 more words


The High School Dance & Entrepreneurship

Many of us approach entrepreneurship with the same mentality we did our high school dances and parties. There was always excitement at the prospect of showing up, but once there we would stand by idly watching impressively at those on the dance floor moving with confidence and ‘doing the darn thang’. 605 more words

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