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Buy an iPhone X or Start any of these 19 Businesses

So the iPhone X (ten) came out last year, boasting face recognition and a bunch of other features that won’t seem as nice when you’re intoxicated. 1,534 more words


Thinking about the future: Entrepreneurship​

Very early this morning after I finished listening to my audiobook, I started to worry about my future. Again.

See, I’m graduating this Spring, and I have no clue as to what I should do with my BA. 300 more words

Midnight Thoughts

Columbus 'ex-pats' in New York, Atlanta startups and VC firms bullish on their hometown – 'It’s all about authenticity'

They left their Central Ohio hometowns for better business opportunities in New York City and Atlanta. While not yet ready to boomerang, a group of Columbus expatriates find themselves visiting more often and growing more impressed with Columbus’ technology startup scene. 77 more words


Beyond Silicon Valley, surprising threats emerge: City, state governments funding disruptive start-ups

If you thought San Francisco (or New York) was home to every disruptive tech company, think again. Yes, the lion’s share of the world’s tech companies call Silicon Valley home, but as it turns out, plenty of innovative companies do thrive in the most unlikely places outside of that little region of California. 169 more words


Compassionate capitalism

Cari amici,

Recently I read “Compassionate Capitalism” a book from Marc Benioff and Karen Southwick and learned a bit more about innovative models for corporate philanthropy. 792 more words


This Is How to Find Clients for Your Small Business

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to start a small business from home. In fact, if you’re diligent and provide quality service to your clients, it’s possible that your small business could reach a point where you have the opportunity to transition it to a full-time endeavor. 717 more words


7 of the Most Revolutionary Transportation Startups in the Middle East

It isn’t always easy to get around in the big cities of the Middle East. Most drivers find themselves struggling against heavy traffic and long commutes on a daily basis. 780 more words