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Why do Some People Persevere?

“Don’t you understand,” my wife pleaded with me, “there is no next Friday!”

Twenty-five years ago I was trying my best to get my new business off the ground. 349 more words

4 Small Business Marketing Tips

The ability to market one’s product or service is what separates good entrepreneurs from great ones. This is even more accurate for smaller businesses that do not have the human resources or capital of billion-dollar multinational corporations to spend on massive marketing campaigns. 132 more words

Gregory Glover Georgia

Ambition & Drive Tend to Lead to Addiction & Depression

Tony Hsieh passed away in December 2020 in a house fire. As the details come out, hopefully his life will also help entrepreneurs find their work/life/play balance. 1,626 more words


Episode #61: Everyone Needs a CNO - Cane River Pecan Company

Jady Regard (right), CNO of Cane River Pecan Company with Patrick D. Gremillion (left), Host of The Patty-G Show

We are getting nutty this week. We sit down and enjoy some nice beverages out in Lafayette, LA and talk all things nuts. 128 more words


Writing Skills that Entrepreneurs and Santa Would Crave?

Would you feel more comfortable crafting a handwritten letter or sending a quick text? Most likely you answered “text” because most of us feel a bit out of practice when it comes to writing by hand. 1,526 more words


Search-as-a-service: A trillion dollar opportunity & why Google might miss out

Google search is one of the top engineering marvels of the 20th century.

Its business one of the top industry defining businesses of the century. Google is the true dominant name really in the category it helped invent. 2,273 more words


SEVEN TOOls for turning your ideas into reality

From finding the right analogy to tapping into FOMO, learn how to sell your ideas to potential supporters. Innovation is built on great ideas, usually about solving a customer need. 144 more words