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Who is Riding the Bus?

Here’s a scenario. Sales are flat. The product development team is feuding with the marketing folks. Production is lagging and customer complaints are trending in the wrong direction. 714 more words


Often times people ask me, “If you could go back and redo one thing in life, what would it be?”

My response is generally, “I would have focused heavily on achieving my personal goals BEFORE getting married.”

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Is Entrepreneurship a Relationship?

Many women are in marriage wondering where all the love he showed during courtship has vanished to? But the truth is, if you have to be treated like a queen, you gotta treat him like a king. 178 more words


let's talk

writing doesn’t pay very much, but we do it anyway. art doesn’t pay very much, but we do it anyway. some people get lucky, some people don’t. 183 more words


Underwater Diving Goggles

One of my dad’s friends is making an underwater goggle that can record, so when you dive, it records first-person footage. He wanted to make a video promoting at a crowdfunding event called indiegogo. 195 more words