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5 Immediate Ways to Support Atlanta’s Black Tech Founders

America is hurting. Atlanta is hurting. We can do better. We must do better.

This past week I was asked what we can do to support Atlanta’s black tech founders. 192 more words


A burning desire; the case of the African entrepreneur

It is usually welcome news when one decides to stand out and do something different, especially when that action is directed at alleviating a pressing challenge. 586 more words


Funding your business; options available

Money is the live wire of every business unit. Every entrepreneur seeks to primarily maximize returns on as little investment as possible.

Sourcing for funding for your business has currently become a nightmare for various businesses due to the risk factors involved. 820 more words


We haven't gone away...our new promotional video for Germaine Business Planning

Hi All. I know I haven’t added new content in a while but I have been busy. The last 2 years was a bit of a blur with founding Funding Master (www.fundingmaster.eu) and the usual activity when you set up a new business…I do it, not just talk about it. 96 more words

Entrepreneurship, between skill and mindset

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I remember being a kid and dreaming of having my own company. At that time, it meant being my own boss, having control over my schedule, it meant independence and freedom. 631 more words

The Unrealistic Expectations of the Padawantrepreneur

A Padawan (Star Wars reference) is an apprentice who is on the way to become a Jedi. I wanna talk to you today about the Padawan-trepreneur. 449 more words


Mars be joking

The space economy is slowly becoming a reality. With every successful solution, we are a step closer to becoming an interplanetary species. We’ve had many challenges… 89 more words

Business As It Could Be