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12/11/18 Entry


I decided to take a break off of social media. Was that a good idea?

I’ve taken one before. But I’ve learned it’s important to evaluate the reason why you need it so you know what apps to delete and what to avoid.  991 more words


food court

food court

(1980’s | businese (real estate) | “dining area”)

Why “court”? It’s more like a dining mall, but in the early days food courts were found only inside of malls, and a mall within a mall would have caused confusion. 660 more words


a ride to remember

‘Babe, its freezing cold outside’, said Navira.

‘Decembers, baba, what do you expect’, said Shruti.

‘Can we go on a ride?’

‘Are you mad?, it should be 9 or 10 degrees outside and I’m really not preferring a cold death’ 478 more words


"Food Day” Contest



This year I didn’t get my energy in a row in time to do another Halloween costume contest for my shy little borrower…

492 more words
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Immanuel: God With Us

How so often God speaks in whispers and I don’t recognize His voice. And occasionally He will speak through a young believer.

Though I share this story today, it happened more than 40 years ago. 308 more words


A brand New Journey | My new life as a Nursing Student.

My first semester in ILKKM Sandakan has ended. Now, I’m on a one month End Semester holiday. Yayy! Finally have some time to rest! 367 more words