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Hands of Stone is an affront to history, filmmaking

What were they thinking here? What was anyone thinking here?

Hands of Stone is a new biopic out of Cannes about legendary Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán (Édgar Ramírez, David Arosemena as a child) and his just-as-legendary trainer, Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro). 986 more words


Expanded Distribution

I’m trying something new with my print books. I use CreateSpace to have them made and until just a couple days ago, I only sold them on Amazon. 490 more words


Retired (2016)

Santa’s Land — Putney, Vermont

Off on a siding, here is the original locomotive that was used when the park first opened in 1957…

Nikon D800… 11 more words


Thanks for being "Lazy"..!!

Thanks For being “Lazy”, Yes you read that right. Recently I have been following a video channel on youtube and I saw a very interesting video. 484 more words


The Timeless Monotony

Time, has been passing by, one second at a time since the dawn of time and universe. Time has been going past, into the past in the same way for the last 13.5 billion years, slowly and subliminally. 447 more words


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

…which of the symmetries hold at all? The universe is a curious place and cosmologists endeavour to contain this curiosity into one theory. Or maybe two, if they’re unlucky. 750 more words

Halp (2016)

Santa’s Land — Putney, Vermont

Our conductor will seat you (as soon as the train gets here)…

Nikon D800

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Santa’s Land