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Things Go Better (2017)

Along a Country Road— Rhode Island

There were at least four of these bright yellow cab-over Coca-Cola trucks on this property…

Nikon D800

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Rhode Island

Robert Marsala


Science in the Bible - Thermodynamics

(3 Minute Read)

The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics are fundamental physical laws of the universe.

The First Law of Thermodynamics, also known as the… 1,284 more words


The Book of the New Sun: The Sword of the Lictor

Novel * Gene Wolf * Man, I Don’t Even Know Anymore * 1981


But first! Book One. Book Two.

So far, these novels have been equal parts wonder, confusion, and frustration. 1,685 more words


psychological weather

It’s dark and gloomy outdoors.

It’s partly cloudy indoors.  I have these marvelous plans, but I must be patient about realizing them.  The weather itself makes one lethargic.  127 more words


Too Big To Fail

It’s the mantra that brought us the economic debacle of 2008. Banks that had made poor decisions were on the brink of failure, and our government just had to step in and save them lest they fail, taking with them our entire way of life as we know it. 323 more words


Weekend of Presidential Election Adventure

We broke into a previously broken into house! That’s not illegal right? I love abandoned places and nature reclaiming man-made objects. It is scary in the city, exploring abandoned buildings because the chances are there are squatters, homeless or drug users. 565 more words

Misc Tuesday


This excess of sound (zao) is pushed out from the world of sound that is created in music – discarded, unwanted but this material is still beautiful to play with and holds such great potential – it is so simple and so complex at the same time. 115 more words