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Chaos 3 (or infinite generation 2 ormooralgebraicnumbirds)

On order and dis uhther shit

haiku too:
one generates
(every- all- any- some- thing)
the integers.

Entropy, you are:
endlessly encumbering. 7 more words


Chapter 7: Fragments of Time and Space

On his way home that night, Victor Murphy was followed by a dog. He couldn’t tell what breed it was but he was huge and gave him quite a fright. 11,696 more words


Forgotten Youth (2015)

Abandoned Farm — Western New York

In the darkness waits this vintage Schwinn bicycle, parked so very carefully by its former owner who has long since left their youth behind, never to return. 20 more words


Fascinatingly Horrible, a Painful and Awe-Inspiring Truth, and a Silent Witness

I’ve often wondered when it comes to abandoned cars- why this particular dying place?

I find entropy fascinatingly horrible. Part of me doesn’t want to watch the process of death, decomposition and/or decay, but at times I am almost compelled to do so, because there’s also a strange and captivating beauty in it. 434 more words


Trope-a-Day: Order Versus Chaos

Order Versus Chaos: Played straight, by both religion (the Church of the Flame’s Big Bad is entropy and chaos) and state (the Imperial motto is “Order, Progress, Liberty”).  54 more words


What Triggers a Chemical Reaction?

Chemicals are in everything we see, and the reactions between them can look like anything from rust on a spoon to an explosion on your stovetop. 43 more words

Gr. 11-12 Chemistry

Along the Walls (2015)

Abandoned Farm — Western New York

Tools on the floor, tools on shelves and tools attached to the walls – everywhere the tools of farming. 19 more words