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letting go, to seed

Keep up-to-date on time-lapse shots of Jessica Witte’s outdoor installation by following her blog: http://www.jessicawitte.com/. 15 more words


Big Freeze: Is Heat the end of everything?

When you die, you get buried, cremated, freeze dried, cannibalised or even left for vultures to be scavenged, depending on your beliefs and cultural circumstances; but what has that got to do with the death of the Universe? 664 more words

The Universe

I Have Burned Before (2015)

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

But I can survive no more after this last assault…

Nikon D800 FX

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Waterbury, Connecticut


Entropy: degree of fragmented-ness of energy

We live in a world which needs “energy” to tick. Our familiarity with energy has grown disproportionately faster than our understanding of it. But then this can be said about almost anything. 3,228 more words


What could happen to our Universe: Heat death

today I am coming with second option for end of our Universe. This one is probably little better since there is nothing ripped apart… 125 more words

Weathered (2015)

Bristol Manufacturing — Waterbury, Connecticut

This wall has the same graffiti on it from when I first began to visit this site and now, even that, is showing signs of aging and exposure… 11 more words


Art Suggestion

Youpy’s art Suggestion of the day is from Kelly McKernan, the painting entitled “Entropy” is an original watercolor painting created by Kelly McKernan in 2013 for her solo show “Cognitive Dissonance” at Subtext Gallery in San Diego, California. 31 more words