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Built to Last (2016)

J. W. Cooper School — Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

The Cooper school is a 45,000 square feet structure built on a steel frame with walls made of brick and sandstone. 61 more words


Ready for Granddaddy Duty

I’ve written before what a joy it is to be a granddaddy. With our oldest grandchild having turned two not long ago, I’ve had two full years of enjoyment. 879 more words


Cognitive Symmetry-Breaking

In thermodynamic terms, the imposition of a model to explain what is going on results in an increase in the entropy of the system.  This statement is fairly counter-intuitive since one naturally takes the transition from unpredictability to predictability to be an increase in order.  7,510 more words

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Dolores Is Proud (2016)

J. W. Cooper School — Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

Just some of the many report cards and paperwork left behind when the school closed… 

Nikon D800

More of my work can be seen here

J. W. Cooper School


The Generosity of Entropy

There is less pressure in the unknown, in the undefined, in the free-flowing. Until they become known, until their forms get defined, and until their substances are made to flow in meaningful directions and momenta. 344 more words

Whither Wattpad?

I’m trying another experiment. In case you’ve never heard of it, Wattpad is to e-books as Instagram is to photos. That analogy is incredibly accurate, by the way. 701 more words


Earbuds must tangle!

We’ve all been through it: we want to listen to some music, take our earbuds out of our bag only to find—THE HORROR!—an impossibly tangled mess. 437 more words