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The Fashion Formula 

For me style is very natural. But for others I think it’s difficult because they just don’t know how to start or what to do! Well I feel like it’s all just like cooking; once you start with one recipe you can start adding your own flavor! 189 more words


Fashion on a Budget

As much as ya girl LOVES shopping & all things trendy, let me be real: LOOKING GOOD COST!! From my own past shopping mistakes I recognized what I was doing wrong. 250 more words


New #Startup #Ideas #Lab 1/2 Day 1:1 Workshop

We’ll meet with you (either face to face in Nottingham or virtually) and work with you to explore ideas and plans for your new business startup… 174 more words


Entrepreneurship: Pros and Cons

Ever thought about starting your own business and ditching the nine to five job that you hate so much, with that annoying boss?

This is a common thought that goes through many but very few actually set out into the entrepreneurship journey. 557 more words


Top Tests To Examine Your Life Online

An Unexamined life is not worth living- Socrates



Considered on of the most incisive tests online, for a look…

153 more words

He Really Sucked

I’ve always heard the “American Dream” story, and so have you. It’s not just in America that youngsters are told if they pursue their goals and work hard they will achieve success, it’s in most industrialized countries. 318 more words

Starting up a business in 2015? #startup #business #2015

As we approach the end of 2014, you may be thinking about your plans to start up a new business in the New Year. If so, planning the basics of new business is hugely important. 69 more words