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Fertile vs. Fruitful - Does cash stifle creative experimentation?

How’s business?

I was surprised that this simple inquiry had stumped me.  Thinking that I’d not understood the question, the friendly pixelated face on Skype said “ 1,186 more words


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From John Atkinson  Is it possible to be fertile and fruitful at the same time? Do we need to have periods of quiet, individual reflection that call forth later fruitful work. Or is the essence of systems that cognition is a collective act? That to understand what is really going on in a complex situation requires multiple perspectives and most importantly, the ability to maintain a space where we can collectively hold these together for long enough until something really interesting pops? I am intrigued also by what makes failure ok. In one area of my work, an area where people talk constantly about it being ‘ok to fail’, I notice the we are still reticent about our failures. It is easy to say it is ok to fail but when our institutional response to failure is so negative, it is any wonder that people aren’t prepared to try things that might really make a difference? heartoftheart.uk fertile vs futile , Steve Chapman,

Mr Butterman's Apprentice

News has been slow this week from the humor stand-point. So as your Unka Gordon was rifling news all over the world, I came across an article called “ 575 more words


Don’t start a recruitment business on your own!

If my 20 plus years in recruitment has taught me anything, it’s pretty obvious what it is. Unless you are planning a life of solitude as a sole trader, for the sake of personal sanity and wellbeing, do not start a recruitment business on your own if your vision is to grow a company. 187 more words

CNA at the National Franchise Exhibition

CNA International will be attending at The National Franchise Exhibition 2015!

CNA is part of the UK’s largest independent group of recruitment businesses – the Pertemps Network Group. 160 more words

Very small businesses are great and should be supported.

Forty percent of our members are very small, that is they don’t employ anyone or hardly anyone and what is more, they may never employ anyone or may never want to. 434 more words

You are the Product

Have you ever thought about starting your own business? Wouldn’t you like to be your own boss? Don’t you wish you could make your own schedule or take time off when you need to? 778 more words