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Listening to the stillness the beauty of the forest, the silence it brings when business settles into the calmness of nature. I think on the day and what was accomplished, planned or not. 78 more words

Bringing It Full Circle

Should You Enter Into a Business Partnership?

There are people who think that being an entrepreneur means doing it all by yourself, but that is simply not true. For an aspiring entrepreneur or one looking to expand their business, partnership may just be the way to go. 11 more words

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Entrepreneurial infants (Rousse)

We knew that we had come to the right place when we saw all the primary school children dressed in hand-knitted jumpers. They were modelling their own creations in the hope that they could sell surplus stock at their stall.

Business and Education - why big is not necessarily better!

For someone who is supposed to be interested in business, I write a great deal about education! There are several reasons for this:

When in Winter, Hibernate - T. Harv Eker

Timing is Everything!

Think back to a time in your past—five, 10, 15, or even 20 years ago. Maybe you envisioned a happy future making more money, having more fun, a family of your own, or living in a bigger place than you did previously. 67 more words


How I Get My Extroverted Mind to Rest

It’s 11 pm on any given night in our house. My alarm will go off at 7 am, so I believe there’s more than enough time for me to get an adequate night’s sleep. 1,386 more words

Fashion Tech Sector Lead - Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of New York

Published on LinkedIn October 14, 2015

Lockie Andrews is named Fashion Tech Sector Lead of the HBS Alumni Angels of New York

Interview regarding my new role as the Fashion Tech Sector Lead at the HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York. 362 more words