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All the Dumb Accoutrement (Or: My Digital Nomad Origin Story)

June 20, 2017

I often compare being an entrepreneur to being a disc jokey—You let the music play for a few minutes, and then, at just the right time, you let another beat drop, and then you throw a few surprise mixes in there. 597 more words

FOWNDERS: website review

FOWNDERS mission is to help entrepreneurs gain the skills necessary to establish a successful and competitive business. They offer three core development processes that help you gain the skills and development to become a successful entrepreneur. 167 more words

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Lots of us plan for a trip. It may be with family members, Friends, colleague, etc. We are always on a tight budget, in which or you may say out of which maximum budget is allotted to Hotel Rooms. 202 more words


List of Top 10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

1.   The Godfather

Depicting a healthy business dynamic, The Godfather is one of the most inspiring and critically acclaimed films of all time and has 9.2 rating on IMDB. 1,067 more words


Money Does Not Buy Happiness...Yeah Right

There is this famous axiom that has been going around for a long time – Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness.

Literally it is true.

Many interpretations can be derived from this saying, and some can be very misleading. 403 more words


Get Your Coffee Date Freedom Back

Why I can’t and won’t stop talking about Arbonne

Let’s be real, we have all had an acquaintance meet us for coffee and we become very skeptical, waiting for the moment when they trap us into a conversation about their new network marketing business. 911 more words


You’ve just crossed over into...The Comfort Zone (dun dun dunnnn)

If we were to picture a comfort zone as a physical place it would probably look something like a comfy room with dimmed lights and fluffy pillows and blankets all around, but what we should be picturing is a dark abyss where dreams go to die. 604 more words