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Round two of Antlers! (The final, Final Round?)

The search is over for the entry art! Here I go again, repurposing a ‘finished’ project!

I was in North End Halifax a few years ago, a girl I had worked with was cleaning out her house, packing what she could carry and heading to Montreal- everything must go! 358 more words


Entry #27: A Blueprint FUR Our Future

Engineering is not my forte but you should know by now that nothing gets in my way, not even complex math equations. Initially I sought help from humans at Cambridge University on how to engineer our industrial donut machine. 251 more words


Entry #26: Fresh Meat

There’s nothing like watching spring blossoms fall gently like snow in the morning sun. I thought it’d be good for my mental health to take a break today from all the stress that comes with planning a revolution. 289 more words


Entry #25: Brainwashing, Donuts, & Brainwashing Donuts

I discussed our current strategies we had available with my sister and trusty advisor, Lily. Our original plan was to brainwash the entire human population through mind-numbing games on their lightbox devices – a very effective but expensive strategy. 232 more words


Entry #24: A Mutual Weakness

I’ve been mentally paralyzed since the moment I discovered that I, rightful ruler of the universe, am a descendant of the misunderstood Emperor Barnapoléon Bonaparte. I find it odd that humans look upon failed conquerors as tyrants and successful ones as bringers of unity and peace. 357 more words


A Nomination for an Interesting Award

I haven’t been on for quite some time now, but when I finally come back, I receive some sort of nomination for some award! And to think no one would read my entry. 1,302 more words

Diary Entry

Entry #23: Barnapoléon Bonaparte

It was a cold and dreary morning today, although I’m sure Romeo and Pudding are comfortably warm in their fortress, snuggled up on electric heat pads against the window – I wish I had one of those. 373 more words