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[Entry] Đạo mộ bút kí: Chung cực - Ai cho tôi giải mê?

Đạo mộ bút kí

Tác giả: Nam Phái Tam Thúc

Chung cực – ai cho tôi giải mê?


Có rất nhiều nghi vấn không thể giải thích nổi, mà có vẻ như tác giả cũng không muốn giải thích,/ đã quên mất việc giải thích,/ hiện giờ chưa thể giải thích,/ hoặc đã phát triển câu chuyện rối rắm đến mức không thể giải thích. 5,571 more words

đề Cử

Round two of Antlers! (The final, Final Round?)

The search is over for the entry art! Here I go again, repurposing a ‘finished’ project!

I was in North End Halifax a few years ago, a girl I had worked with was cleaning out her house, packing what she could carry and heading to Montreal- everything must go! 358 more words


Entry #27: A Blueprint FUR Our Future

Engineering is not my forte but you should know by now that nothing gets in my way, not even complex math equations. Initially I sought help from humans at Cambridge University on how to engineer our industrial donut machine. 251 more words


Entry #26: Fresh Meat

There’s nothing like watching spring blossoms fall gently like snow in the morning sun. I thought it’d be good for my mental health to take a break today from all the stress that comes with planning a revolution. 289 more words


Entry #25: Brainwashing, Donuts, & Brainwashing Donuts

I discussed our current strategies we had available with my sister and trusty advisor, Lily. Our original plan was to brainwash the entire human population through mind-numbing games on their lightbox devices – a very effective but expensive strategy. 232 more words


Entry #24: A Mutual Weakness

I’ve been mentally paralyzed since the moment I discovered that I, rightful ruler of the universe, am a descendant of the misunderstood Emperor Barnapoléon Bonaparte. I find it odd that humans look upon failed conquerors as tyrants and successful ones as bringers of unity and peace. 357 more words