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Discussion of intended audience

Before doing basic research on the topic itself, one thing that pops into my head is how many people out there are sharing the same feelings for skateboarding like me. 147 more words

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The Chronicles of Strange Edibles//Entry 2

          I love to eat. Doesn’t everybody? I! Mean! It’s! Food! Enni says that if I was given food to eat while being decapitated, I wouldn’t care. 693 more words


Resurrecting the "Rose"

There are always be an unexpected turn of events in any sport. In the NBA there’s plenty of unexpected trades and free agents. One standout is Derrick Rose who was one of the most promising players in the last 10 years. 261 more words

How to: Balance work & study

On my journey towards pursuing my educational goal, one of the worst struggles I have to face is finding time to study while working full time. 704 more words

KKK: Friendship Lasts

“if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime”

This entry,

I will dedicate it to my Alien Best Friends LOL (eh kasi nga may bayad toh hahahahaha) This is my friends, by the way… 335 more words

Entry #2:

Katherine- My given name,
But this is my Discovery,

I am Raw earth,
conceived within the loins of an abandoned woman

I am the confusion in your head when you try to understand me… 191 more words


I have slept for so long
I’ve forgotten what it felt like to be aware
To feel our souls learn it’s name again
To see our hearts continue to beat, to press on, even as it breaks… 120 more words