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Is Technology Making Us Stupid?

One point that was briefly mentioned in Chapter 2 of Rettberg’s book is the idea that the diminishing popularity of print and the increasing popularity of other forms of technology/media is impacting the intelligence of our population. 516 more words

Mirai Baudelaire, Entry 2

Journal Entry, August 15,21…

My fingertips are blue now. My toes too… And my lips are slowly getting paler and bluer too. I won’t let Daddy see me without my cloak anymore. 139 more words


2. Joy and Sorrow

« December 27, 2013 »

I ran, literally, to my childhood home. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there…would there be a yelling going on? 2,050 more words

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1. Hello

« December 26, 2013 »

I gonna go ahead and introduce myself, since I’m the narrator of this story. My name is Caitríona Donoghue, but everyone calls me Cait. 2,115 more words

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Entry 2 - From the Journal of Cletus Sparrow

Date: October 22nd, 2101

Place: Still on the farm. Will be leaving for Seatt when I finish this entry.

That date and place thing works, right? 590 more words

Perpetual Zed

Cascade Green Entry

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This one is Cascade Green by Sherwin-Williams.

Julie Rosenberg's Painting

Can Tea Be Considered A Form of Religion?

As I was perusing through some tea articles, I came across one called: “Why Tea is a Religion and Coffee Isn’t.” Being an avid tea drinker, but also someone who enjoys a good cup of joe every once in a while, I found this read more enlightening than I first presumed. 105 more words

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