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Entry #2

“the only way out is through.”

through… through… how do i get through? how do i get through what you’ve done to me, through what i used to be? 165 more words


Katherine- My given name,
But this is my Discovery,

I am Raw earth,
conceived within the loins of an abandoned woman

I am the confusion in your head when you try to understand me… 192 more words


I have slept for so long
I’ve forgotten what it felt like to be aware
To feel our souls learn it’s name again
To see our hearts continue to beat, to press on, even as it breaks… 120 more words


As I look in the mirror and see nothing but fragments
Shards of a girl I once knew

I have lost pieces of myself… 82 more words


To be enclosed
With no way out,
With no way to escape

To die
With the knowledge of knowing that no one understands me
No one asked me why… 92 more words


Entry #2


The investigation is off to somewhat of a slow start… I’ve been compiling what information I can gather from posts on the student chat rooms on MiskU Portal, as well as vague clippings, like this one. 71 more words

General Update: Booknerdiness and Life 3.0 [Entry #2]

Hi, guys!

One week passed again, let’s see what I have done all over its days.

Oh! I participated in the blog tour for the book of Marie Lu, Warcross and it’s an epic read along with other fellow PH bloggers. 372 more words

Booknerdiness And Life