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Smile - Day 1

Welcome to The Practice of Living Awareness, or welcome back! We are excited to begin a new round of guided meditations… in fact, we’re all smiles! 193 more words


14b: Chakra lights

The joy of the final step of The Practice Entry level is that we can meditate with any aspect of our practice. The chakras (or centers) and the central channel comprise this meditation. 110 more words

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14a: Living from awareness

Hundreds of books have been written on meditation, some from great masters of the art and science of it. Meditation thrives in a variety of spiritual and secular systems and, though variety abounds in styles and techniques of meditation, the essential components are the same in all systems. 128 more words

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13c: A field of sacred energy and light

We are energy beings and our life streams are shared with all beings and with Earth herself. Our auric fields have a fundamental flow to them that is like the Earth’s. 91 more words

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13b. The auric energy field

The human auric energy field is like that of our mother, Earth. The overall field has an inlet and outlet. For a person, that is the crown center (in) and root center (out). 153 more words

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13a: Interior Dimensionality: toroidal flow

Our insides create our outsides. In other words, the condition of our inner well-being will create our outer life. If one’s inner anatomy and mindset are in turmoil, cluttered, or out of balance, then one’s life will be the same. 239 more words

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12c: Jewel-like radiance

Each of the seven centers (chakras) along the central channel has an tremendous untapped potential. We live our chakras every day, but rarely from their refined vibrational capacity. 162 more words

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