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Entry: Mind - Day 3

Inhalation & exhalation are the exchanges of breath. Inspiration & aspiration are the exchanges of the mind. As we aspire, or stretch, our awareness upwards towards finer vibrational states, we invite inspired thought forms to make their way to the mind. 66 more words

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Valley Gives: Generating Awareness for Nonprofits!

We are excited to participate in Valley Gives 2017! This 24 hour giving day assists nonprofits in The Pioneer Valley in raising funds to support their mission. 99 more words

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Entry: Mind - Day 2

Have we been experiencing the breath or observing the breath? Have we been experiencing the mind or observing the mind? Both. Experiencing and observing can be markedly different, though both collect data. 85 more words

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Graduates of 2017 - Life is about to get Very real...

The Graduates of 2017 are in for a harsh reality check when they graduate from University.

According to a new survey, salary expectations today are completely out of line with what employers are willing to pay for graduates seeking entry-level jobs. 321 more words


Entry: Mind - Day 1

All teachings that surround meditation have one clear purpose, which is getting to know the mind. Why? The Buddha would say that the source of our suffering is to be discovered within the mind. 111 more words

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Scala IDE Project for Building Apache Spark Examples Using Eclipse & Running on Hortonworks Sandbox

The Apache Spark Examples give a quick overview of the Spark API. They are a hidden treasure for someone seeking to learn about Apache Spark and its various components. 727 more words

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Entry: Asana - Day 3

Establishing balance is essential to effective action. Balance can mean the capacity to respond instead of react. It can mean employing right speech – are your words kind, true, and necessary? 54 more words

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