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Panic! Bugs! Cicadas!

The Cicadas are coming! Look to the Old North Tower for a signal! One if they are digging up from under the land, and two if they’re, uh, digging up from under the land. 329 more words


Tiny Insects Large Enough To Eat Your Face

Levon Bliss uses microscopic lenses and a host of advanced photographic techniques to reveal the terrifying and beautiful creatures all around us.

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In House Bee Drive By Chronology

here’s a series of bees thats manifested itself in my apartment the last 3 years. from funky unrecognizable hairy beast models to huge psychedelic ones. 20 more words

Report: The bed bug has become insecticide resistant

Not picky: Head lice along with bedbugs are becoming tough to exterminate.

Did you hear about the two bed bugs that met in the mattress? They were married in the spring. 594 more words

Bed Bugs

"ANT: model to cite in front of a spendthrift"*...

We tend to think of ants, and other social insects such as bees and termites, as busy little workers, but it turns out some of them may actually be quite lazy.

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Links between Pyrethroids and Childhood Brain Cancers – Medical Studies Indicating Health Hazards from Pyrethroid Pesticides

Sumithrin (Anvil), resmethrin (Scourge) and permethrin (often used in household bug sprays) each belong to a class of pesticides known as pyrethroids. 969 more words

Bed Bugs