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Babylonians and Time

Noted for their complex astrology, the Babylonians (the peoples of ancient Mesopotamia: Sumer, Babylon, and Assyria) were also accomplished astronomers. From their seven story Ziggurats, these astronomers watched the rising and setting of the stars, as well as, the five bright planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). 589 more words

Battling the Serpent

I love the movie Pacific Rim. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s about people in colossal robots fighting giant monsters from another dimension called… 1,740 more words


Faith and Science--conflicting or complementary??

With this latest post, I want to address a topic that has evidently been a big source of conversation, and at times even controversy for many of the students I work with at CU-Boulder, as well as students on another campuses around Colorado. 4,946 more words

Why Belief in God Matters: Genesis 1 Sermon Transcript

This is a message I preached at Seed Church on January 15th, 2017.  Here is the link to the audio.

New Year everyone. I thought we would go back to Genesis here toward the beginning of the year. 3,276 more words

Sermon Transcripts

The Bible That Borrows Part 2: The Babylonian Bible

I was six years old and living in the drab, grayish-brown desert outside of El Paso, Texas.

One Sunday, a family from church kindly invited us to their house for lunch. 4,928 more words


Chaos, Cosmos, and Chaosmos. 1- Chaos.

When at last I had disabused my mind of the enormous imposture of a design, an object, and an end, a purpose, or a system, I began to see dimly how much more grandeur, beauty, and hope there is in a divine chaos -not chaos in the sense of disorder or confusion but simply the absence of order- than there is in a universe made by a pattern, this draught-board universe my mind had laid out: this machine made world and and piece of mechanism; what a petty despicable microcosmos I had substituted for the reality.” … 1,386 more words


Who is Jesus, really?: the historical long view

Jesus of Nazareth was an unlikely person to emerge as a globally recognized figure. Born to migrant among animals to migrant peasants under a Roman occupation, he social standing did not exactly demand international attention over the course of two millennia. 607 more words

Jesus As A Community Organizer