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God Loves and Accepts the LGBT: Part 2

In the beginning, Marduk created the heavens and the earth.

There were many gods, and the cosmos were chaotic, wild, and unformed. Abzu, the god of fresh river water, and his wife, … 2,109 more words


Seven Days, Seven Speeches

I am not a Hebrew Bible scholar, simply an interested layman. Nonetheless, I remember hearing someone say, over fifteen years ago, that Genesis 1 was really a ritual text; I fell in love with this idea before I became acquainted with the arguments, given how I loved the poetry of the text, and hated Creationism. 3,469 more words


Creation in Genesis and Near Eastern Mythology

This is from an assigned paper for a class I’m in-Old Testament-and thought I’d put it out there. If you’re interested in knowing more of this kind of material, this will be enjoyable. 3,793 more words


Your World Is Not Ending, It's Beginning

You come out of the Apocalypse stronger.

I think it’s safe to say we all come to that point where we glance around at our current lives and screech to a halt. 857 more words


The (Literal) Bones of the World

What better place to start Myths ‘n Monsters than at the very beginning?

And when I say ‘beginning,’ I really mean it.

When I say ‘beginning,’ I’m talking about creation; the creation of the earth, the creation of the heavens, everything. 2,205 more words



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