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Into The Storm

Entering the Christmas Season “Into The Storm”, one of the many highlights of the “Fly From Here” album, featuring Chris’ distinctive Mutron III sound. Schindleria Praematurus! 33 more words

Chris Squire

The Teensy Audio Library

There are a few ways of playing .WAV files with a microcontroller, but other than that, doing any sort of serious audio processing has required a significantly beefier processor. 264 more words

Digital Audio Hacks

Funkzilla Stomps on Board!

the funkzilla arrived!  its been played pretty much straight for the last 3 hrs & we love it!

at first, we were drawn to all the tap tempo options.   81 more words


Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser

This is a demo of the Pigtronix Bass Envelope Phaser. It features my favorite setting on the pedal effecting a few slap bass lines. This is an incredibly funky, warbly, drippy envelope filtering phaser pedal which really grips the low end. 159 more words

On The Silent Wings Of Freedom (remaster)

While I don’t have time to complete the next video, I have tried to produce a slightly better quality audio/video version of my first upload… 81 more words

Chris Squire

New Gear: Electro-Harmonix Stereo Talking Machine

I’ve been looking at envelope filters for a long time, and I just haven’t had a need to use one yet with any regularity. But this latest vowel-shaper from EH makes me think I might just give it a whirl to see where it takes me creatively. 140 more words


Visiting Zippy-X in GBG

I went on a trip to Gothenburg last week to hold a lecture with Olle from Talon-FC. While up there i decided to stay for a while to visit some friends that live there, one of them being simon. 287 more words

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