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Looking On

Her whole life looking on she spent,
Now it’s the time to take a chance:
To take her turn among the dance
And live her life with real intent

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Admission Decision

I cannot stand this anymore

To feel so much, but speak in code

I must give way or I’ll explode

My pieces washed up on your shore

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Amid the Stars

Amid the stars I choose to be,

Among the empty depths, my place:

My home, the frozen depths of space

My spirit, stilled, in perigee

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A sense of humor finely honed

To serve as nature’s soothing salve;

Sometimes we just see what we have

And others, only what we don’t

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The taste of wine she loves so much

The happenstance of grapes and years

The liquid joy – fermented tears

The softness of a lover’s touch

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Watching Sailboats from Work

I see the sails out on the bay

The wind, it blows them where it will

And if I could, I’d be there still

Instead of where I am today

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By Way of Apologizing

The choice I’d made was just insane

To give up so much I hold dear

And then you happened to come near

So I lashed out in rage and pain

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