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Clouds and Light

I know that I am just a cloud;
A bit of vapor, floating mist
That for a moment will exist
And be with consciousness endowed… 46 more words

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No matter where we choose to go

We can’t escape it’s mournful call;

It’s coming now, to one and all –

We’ve seen the harbinger, and know

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The Magic Window

= = = = = | = = = = =

The light is gone, and nothing’s right,
Another wastrel of a day —
Come join me, and we’ll get away, 69 more words

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And so, I’m here to testify
That hope can sprout when all seems lost
Regardless how are stars get crossed
Or how shallow our love supply… 28 more words

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Looking Out

I’m looking out upon the sea,

I’m scanning there to find my heart;

My little world’s been ripped apart,

And merged into the scenery

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His Lament on Aging

Our middles gain in density;

Our hair falls out, we find our rut,

And love is s’posed to deepen, but

It loses its intensity

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Brought It Back

He thought he hadn’tĀ felt the lack.

He gave up ‘happy’ months ago;

And though the feeling’s dawned but slow,

It seems that autumn’s brought it back

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