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Financial Update #2 Budgeting, Envelope System, Saving & Prism App

So my first Financial Update video got alot of response so it was well over due for an Update #2 ! If you haven’t seen my… 201 more words


This is How I Budget

The first step in the Ladder of Growing Your Money is increasing your cash flow. This may mean 1.) looking for a part-time or freelance job to increase cash inflow; 2.) managing expenses to decrease cash outflow; or 3.) doing both. 1,334 more words

Personal Finance

Taking Control of my Finances at Twenty Six

My mother used to tell me to save when I was in school which I was unable to do during that time. However, when I started working, I find myself interested in personal finance. 360 more words

Budgeting Basics

If you are currently responsible for paying all or even just some of your bills, keeping up with everything can be stressful. Especially since paying bills and budgeting is not something taught in school.  834 more words


The envelope system

Today is the start of a new pay cycle and I’m giving the envelope system a go. Not for everything because I pay bills via bpay or direct debit, but for fuel, groceries, and pocket money, we’ll be operating on cash. 132 more words

Cash Only: Days 1 - 5

Day 5: July 4, 2015

It’s pretty fitting to talk about the journey of becoming debt-free on Independence Day, don’t you think? Today is all about freedom, and few things can make you feel truly as free as not having debt. 1,460 more words

Why My College Degree Is Meaningless: Years in the Education System Has Soiled My Learning (Huffington Post)

If the Huffington Post is starting to go after higher education i am assuming there must be a big problem. I agree with most of what this lady says. 67 more words

Parenthood And Responsibility