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The envelope system

There are so many approaches to budgeting, sometimes it is like checking out various diets. The one that will work is the one you can comfortably understand and stick with. 25 more words


Financial Peace University: Week 3

Wow, this class seems to be flying by. This week, the lesson was on Cash Flow Planning, which I must admit, sounds much more awesome than “Budgeting”. 566 more words

Dave Ramsey

DIY Cash Envelope

My wife and I have been Dave Ramsey fans for years. We watched the Financial Peace Home Edition and used a cash envelope system for years. 243 more words


What We Do on Payday

It’s the happiest day of the month- pay day! Alan and I have found what we do, or don’t do, on pay day largely determines our success or failure for the reminder of the month. 475 more words


Budget Planning

After much research on how to budget, I’ve decided we’re going to use the Dave Ramsey envelope system. The only time we ever stuck to a budget was with our twenty-dollars-in-a-jar system, so I think this will work out the best for us. 220 more words


Credit is NOT free money!

When I got my first credit card ever, I was so excited.  I was a sophomore in college, a mere 20 years old, and I thought that having a credit card meant I was financially savvy and prepared to take on the world. 1,015 more words

Managing Debt

What to cook at the end of the fortnight...

What to cook when your at the end of the fortnight shop? It is not hard to spread out the meals, I have four nights of meals that I have worked out until the end of my fortnight.. 575 more words

Budget Cooking