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Back to our budget

We made our last hospital bill payment a couple of months ago.  It was a long 18 month journey and we are very grateful to be done.   393 more words


The Cash Envelope System

Yes, you read it correctly. CASH. C-A-S-H. The biggest change I have experienced in the past 7 months is spending CASH (primarily). Cash helps you VISUALIZE the money leaving your hands, not just some arbitrary number that gets added onto the lengthy statement every time you swipe or tap that piece of plastic. 636 more words


The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy has made a fortune explaining that the little decisions you make in life add up to everything we consider a big deal – health, wealth, and success. 812 more words


God, frugality, multi tasking, and coffee.

I’m sitting here listening to my great music on my free Pandora online as I write up a blog piece and sip my afternoon cup of coffee.   986 more words


Why “Pay Yourself First” is an effective method to save money consistently

Stop searching; instead apply what you have already learned

We heard how to save. We knew how. The answer on how to save is everywhere.  But people are not practicing what they knew. 1,042 more words

Money Matters

Budget & Money Tips From a Middle Income Duo

My Mother taught me a lot growing up: how to plant tomatoes, how to pluck my eyebrows (bless her), how to write a proper thank you… 2,518 more words

8 Tips to Paying Off Debt

You know how people say, “I love being in debt, it’s so peaceful and fulfilling”…yeah, said no one ever!  Being in debt is dreadful and stressful. 918 more words