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What to cook at the end of the fortnight...

What to cook when your at the end of the fortnight shop? It is not hard to spread out the meals, I have four nights of meals that I have worked out until the end of my fortnight.. 575 more words

Budget Cooking

How I Am Gaining Control of My Finances...One Coupon at a Time

As promised yesterday, I want to talk a little bit more about the system I’ve been working on for organizing the different components of my life. 973 more words

Personal Goals

Money Monday: Controlling Our Money

I was reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover book and he states that most divorces in the United States occur from money disagreements. I think of all of the horrible fights Ryan and I could have over money: We don’t have enough, we use credit too often, we spend it unwisely. 542 more words

Envelopes - plenty of them

I love paper, the smell, the feel, the different textures, I walk into places like Kikki K just to window shop and look at all the pretty papers, journals, planners and everything else they sell.   293 more words


Envelope system at home

I bought one of these today from the newsagents for $5. I had in my mind to do my envelope system in this not in my purse compartments.. 118 more words

Single Mum Finance

Our Dave Ramsey Adventure

Anyone who hangs around me for a little bit will quickly learn that my husband and I are on a pretty strict budget. Somewhat by default, but also because we have big plans for improving our lives quickly. 798 more words


How To Prevent Car Repossession

Cars. They are such a beloved possession to so many. A status symbol. A public statement to the world; cars have the ability to define you by the color, make, and model. 1,086 more words