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Practical Steps to a Healthier You: Use a Budget {Week 8}

For the next 26 weeks I will be sharing a different way you can become healthier in your daily life. Some of these suggestions have to do with food or exercise, others have to do with lifestyle changes, but all of them are practical and relatively easy to execute.

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Wellness Wednesday

Day 5-8: More money disappeared

I just finished my second four-day-envelope, with $12 left in it. It’s obviously an improvement that I didn’t spend everything ($62) but I still don’t know where the money went… 66 more words

Dave Ramsey

No-Spend Month:  Day 29

We are starting Dave Ramsey’s envelope system on Sunday to help us keep our spending in check after our no-spend month. We will decide together how much we will spend out of each paycheck on groceries, eating out, clothing, etc. 263 more words


Why this green plastic thing saved my budget

Starring at $184,400 in debt only three years ago was depressing.

No way around it.  Every time I input the amount of money we could pay a month into the amortization calculator it was YEARS before we would see traction in our debt payoff. 

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Focused Finances


Okay guys,

We are on the 4th day of October and the budget is well and truly working. I feel like I have much more money even though the amount is the same. 31 more words


Budget Planning and Making Your Own Envelope Wallet

For more than a year now, my husband and I have tried to follow a budget using Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System. For those of you who haven’t heard of the envelope system before, it’s pretty simple (his website goes into a lot more detail) but basically you sit down and figure out your expenses — groceries, entertainment, gas, etc. 1,444 more words


Debt Free

Okay…when I say debt I actually mean a few family members that I owe money to. Anyway, When I get paid at the end of the month, I will officially be debt free! 54 more words