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DIY Invite for bridesmaid and maid of honor

I have found out that adrenaline rush, which comes out during emergency situation has a similarity with wedding preparation but it’s not the emergency thing, i will call it art rush skills. 418 more words

About Ally

Why We're Using EPS Foam Insulation

A friend’s recent post on facebook regarding Minneapolis’s recent ban of Styrofoam in restaurants made me realize that I needed to explain why we’re using foam insulation on our new home. 1,059 more words


DIY Yaasin

Alhamdulilah, kemarin tanggal 19 April 2015, dirumah ada acara tahlil dalam rangka mengenang 1000 hari wafatnya kakek. Rencananya mau pesan surat Yaasin yang ada surat Al-Mulk & Waqiah, tapi setelah muter nyari gak ada, akhirnya bikin yaasin sendiri. 98 more words

Personalized Yaasin

Stationery on the mind

Did the writer for Yahoo! Makers have stationery on her mind when she wrote this?

Is that why she chose to use envelope (which is a form of stationery that holds bills from the electric company and birthday cards from Aunt Hazel) instead of the verb… 18 more words



It doesn’t matter how much you push the envelope. It’ll still be stationary

Windows Matter

With thanks to Stephen Thwaites of Thermotech Fiberglass Fenestration.

Windows are one of the most important elements of a building envelope. They provide views to the outdoors, and bring in sunlight while protecting the building interior from the elements. 589 more words

Brief: Diagrams and 1/8" Models

Introduced Friday April 17, due Monday April 27 (1.5 weeks)

We will be holding a “silent review” for these artifacts. You will not be verbally presenting your project–your critics will have to understand the why, how, and what of your project through your artifacts (essentially the way design competitions work). 435 more words