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A surprise parabola and more garden

Idly wondering about the tangents from a point to a circle I constructed the figure below. The point A is on a circle and can be moved round the circle. 195 more words

Dear Wedding Invitation, Why Do You Have So Many Envelopes??

Last month I was talking to a bride who had ordered her wedding invitations and was a little confused about why there were options for one, two, or even three envelopes! 386 more words


2016 Year of the Monkey Lucky Red Envelopes

So did you think the New Year has already begun? Not for those who follow the Lunar Calendar! The Lunar New Year (Chinese/Vietnamese New Year) is next week. 400 more words

Just Because

From Faux to Brush Calligraphy

Some one year ago, I started addressing my envelopes using faux calligraphy, to give my customers that little extra surprise in the mail. The ones at the start were awkward things drawn in with a pen, often when I was on the train. 333 more words

Handcrafted Rubber Stamps

Envelope-pushing and a Shepherd

Religious rules and traditions make me claustrophobic. My off-beat sense of humor and lilting sarcasm are here to “shake things up and keep things honest”; at least that’s what I have repeatedly told myself. ¬† 739 more words

Life And Grief

Feeling Wired!

2016 has gone off to a good start and I am loving it! As some of you already know, I have been working on designs for a while, I got them manufactured and I opened an… 201 more words

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