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Fashion Affliction

Fashion is one of the largest industries to ever exist. Some consider fashion an art, some consider it a statement, and some just like to buy clothes because of the affordable availability and marketing appeal! 2,362 more words


Papa's World - eating healthy is not the only thing - flowers

We walk – we eat healthy – but the mental part is also important !

Our roses out front

A healthy body also has to have a healthy mind – at least mine does ! 429 more words

Greta - Prophetess of the Apocalypse

SWEDEN. Aron Flam has released an interview with Brendan O’Neil, who commited the crime of questioning this young prophetess.

Did you know that Greta Thunberg… 218 more words


Swaps I Haven't Made for the Low Waste Movement

If you have seen the Zero Waste Movement online you may have been excited about the change and want to see what steps you can take to improve your environmental footprint, or you may have felt like it was an unreasonable goal and have no desire to make changes in your life. 853 more words


Photo from this website.

This one really is an extemporaneous post. It’s Thursday night, exhausted from a long day of physical therapy, treasure hunting, and politics. 758 more words


Cài đặt môi trường lập trình web trên MacOS (2): config nginx, virtual host, multiple PHP

phần 1, chúng ta đã cài đặt nginx, php và mysql thông qua homebrew. Nhưng như vậy vẫn chưa thể chạy 1 dự án php đơn giản.

805 more words